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Date:         Wed, 12 Jul 89 16:04:49 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      Re: Unresolvable mail address
To:           Adore-l list 
In-Reply-To:  Message of Wed, 12 Jul 89 12:54:43 EDT from 

>I _am_ regretful of what happened though.

     Not to worry.

>|      Of course your name is not cleared with me because of your
>| worm-on-a-stump views of the universe and that Colosseum of
>| Worms-on-a-Stump you call your list.
>Only because your supremely arrogant world-view wouldn't allow humans
>to be any less than we insignificants can imagine.

     So you say that my world view is arrogant.  Arrogant meaning
over estimation of self worth?

     Well yes, if you will remember that I am including everyone
in this category of God, not just me, I am saying that you and us
are totally responsible for the creation and operation of the
apparent external universe, and that we chose to forget this, and
blame it on some other God, not us.

     So what I see that is interesting here is that you are calling
assumption of RESPONSIBILITY to be ARROGANT.  This would seem to put
a premium on claiming that we were not responsible for all sorts of

     If I have you right then, that is fine with me, as the very view
you have, namely that we are NOT responsible for the world at large and
are NOT totally responsible for our conditions IS the very view I claim
we all created for ourselves at the beginning of this game.  Well
actually more towards the middle.  Thus the view you have is acceptable
to me, but in my view just wrong.

     So I ask you, what evidence do you have that I am wrong?

     Of course you can ask the same of me what evidence do I have that
I am right?

     But this is not a symmetrical situation, and it is much easier
to prove me wrong if I am, than for me to prove I am right if I am.

     One day I will be able to prove that I am right, perhaps not to you,
but to anyone who really wanted to know the truth regardless of what it was.
That is the only condition on success.

     Assuming that you are totally honest in your truth seeking and
that so am I, I ask you to start off by showing me your evidence
that I am wrong.  You probably think it is pretty obvious so go ahead.
My evidence on the other hand is not at all obvious and in fact goes
counter to all the suffering and apparent reality of our lives.

     In fact on the surface, my assertion that we chose to be here is

     If in fact I can shoot down some of your evidence that I am wrong,
then maybe you will come to the state of mind that MAYBE I am right.
Then I will be able to show you my evidence that will lead you more
in the direction of I am right than not.

     But look, you are asking me to prove to you that you are a God.
Look at the logic of it.  If you ARE a God, then surely you did a good
job of hiding that fact from yourself.  To then ask ME to prove to YOU
what you did puts a tremendous burden on me.

 Homer               Adore-l list         7/12/89*Unresolvable mail address