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Date:         Wed, 12 Jul 89 20:14:41 EDT
From:         Homer 
To:           adore-l@ualtavm

     The main problem I see with this idea that we are Bi-Directionally
Immortal is our belief in the external physical universe.

     It all hinges on the actuality or non actuality of Matter, Energy
Space and Time.

     Religions down the ages have been trying to tell us that we are
one half Immortal, that God made us a finite amount of time ago,
and IF we are good we shall be with Him forever (yech) and if we are
bad we either get to be unmade, or eat fumes, or experience Avichi,
the great endless eternal nothing.

    I guess like woman, once you create life its not ok to kill it,
so God can not just unmake the sinners, he has to let them live forever
in some Eternal Yech rather than do the kind thing which is put
the sinners out of their misery by just unmaking them.

     Must be He has a large land fill in which he keeps sinners,
and from what I hear its getting over full.  What's He gonna
do next?

     The main reason that people do not accept this God/Heaven bit,
is the outrageousness of their lives, the suffering they have
gone through and a thousand other things that the Holy Rollers just
don't seem to have any contact with and don't want to have any contact with.
Recognition of your suffering would ruin the roll they are on.

     Its fine to tell someone else that Faith in God will solve all
their hurts, but if that someone else has hurt enough, they will
just turn on you and try to hurt you to make you give up your
silly pie in the sky rubbish about God and Good etc.

     Probably most of all it is suffering that turns us away from the
'Someone made me' theory of existance.  If someone did make me them
I am going to kick His ass for ever for free if I ever meet up with the
SOB.   People reach this final state of being fed up with trying to
forgive God for the suffering of their lives, and they come to curse
His forgiveness forever for more.

     Thus is born a meatball.  I am a body, I always was a body, and
I always will be a body until I die, then I will be carion.
But I will be dead so I wont care.

     Dont knock it, its better than believing in some Jerk in the Sky
who likes to play with your Heart because he Loved you so.

     The problem with this is it only involves a shift of assignment
of causation for your existance from a caring Sentient Being, to an
uncaring, unsentient physical Universe.

     At first you believed something of intelligence invented, designed
and created you, and is probably looking after you because you are
just so cute and cuddly.  Then you believed that something of
no intelligence at all created you, namely the external physical universe,
and if its looking after you its only to eat you.

    But you are still cute and cuddly, which brings us to the crux
of the problem.  How could something so good as you end up in a pit
so bad as the one you call your life on Earth spinning around a cold
and careless sun?  Not to mention the people you are with who although
just as cute and cuddly as you, believe the world is flat and is the
center of the universe and cant count to 100 billion lightyears.

     Before your Heart was raped by the pain of this life, you WANTED
to be Immortal.  But you did not approach the subject in a very
grown up fashion.  The people in between lives saw to this.

     You asked your Mommy or Daddy where you came from, and perhaps
they gave you some spiel about peenies and vaggies, or perhaps
they told you about the Stork or perhaps they said God gave you
to them.

     Never did they even mention the idea that you took over the
body on your own free will.  If they had, you would have remembered.
As it is, the idea is alien.

     Of course taking over the body means you had to exist
before the body and independant of the body, and immediately
you get into the problem of what you have been doing for the past
3 Eternities, and why in the world you took over a body.

     But you see your parents were way below those questions, and
awareness of responsibility for their condition, in this case
occupation of a body.

     THAT is what threw you for a loop.  For if you had realized
even for a moment the POSSIBILITY that you had taken over a body
willfully, you would have had to deal with the fact that your parents
weren't going to recognize that fact no way, which would have caused
you no end of terror and grief, so the idea just never crossed your mind.

     It was designed that way.

     So back to the point.  The physical universe.

     Along with the idea that you did not chose to enter the body
was the idea that the body is real, not a dream machine, and that
since you ARE a body, and the body is ACTUAL, then when the
body dies, you die too.  This comes from the belief that you are
just a bunch of body parts in proper working relation and when
those relations are destroyed such as by being blown up, your
body parts may still exist, but YOU might as well say good night.

     Its all part of the package.  You cant BE a body unless the
body is REAL/ACTUAL.  If the body is not real, but just another
dream (a doozy to be sure) then clearly you cant BE a body.
If you are not a body then what the hell are you?  And where did
you come from and what have you been doing for your past 3 Eternities.
Not to mention your prior 3 million.

     So you see the questions all hang together.  To suppress one of
them you have to suppress all of them.  If you suppress one of them,
you will suppress all of them.  But it all hangs on the idea that
the body is REAL.

     So what is really real?

     Your consciousness, your conscious pictures, your will, your self,
your memory (what's left of it) and a whole mess load of other similar
conscious units playing the same game as you are.

     In your consciousness you can either realize that it is just a
picture, or you can take it for what it symbolizes.  Its like
watching TV.  You see a car chase on the screen and you point to
the car and ask your kid 'What's that?' and the kid says its a car.

     Well of course its not a car.  Its a PICTURE of a car on a
TV screen.

     In the same light, everything you see or experience is a PICTURE
of the thing in your conscious picture.  The color, space, time,
solidity, motion and all the other qualities you assign to things
out there, are PROJECTIONS in your dream machine.

     The dream seems real to the degree that you have spent time
assuming there is something out there on the other side of
your image of it.

     Just like the TV screen, surely even though its an image in
your living room, SOMETHING real had to be on the other side
of some TV camera somewhere to create the illusion in your living room.

    We make the same assumption about the real universe, and a correct
assumption it is.  SOMETHING real has to account for the image we
see in our consciousness.  But it is NOT an external something the
way it might be for a TV program.  It is something INTERNAL, a data
structure, that when played, comes up with life.  It was never OUT THERE.

     Ok, so this is very freaky right?  And your first impulse is to
say 'prove it'.  Fair enough.  But do you really want me to just
now.  Wouldn't you rather consider the ramifications of what I am
saying before you dive into the light of a million suns and a mind blowing
certainty that you will not be able to shake?

     Life is simple if you get to die.  No more suffering.  No more
being punished by other people forever and ever.  I mean how long until
Hitler is allowed to walk among us a friends again?  You think HE
wants to admit he will be around forever?  Will people ever forgive him?

    Yes, but not soon.  So maybe its better to die.  The you can have
some peace.

    The catch is of course you don't die.  You float off to Mars or
some volcano or somewhere, where you are assigned a new body, or maybe
if you are able, you just go get a new body yourself.  Or maybe
you meet a few friends between lives and make some plans to
coincide in your next life.

     Rarely however do you remember when you do meet, and sadly
most people's plans fall by the way side, once the pall of Mortal
Doom moves in again in their next life.

     Fortunately the anatomy of that pall is simple.  It has to do
with the illusion that the virtual dream machine we call the
external universe is caused by an actual external universe.

     It is not.  And this can be proven, although those that can
prove this are wise enough to not be too flagrant about it.
But if you ask them properly and with some respect for the
enormity of what you ask, they will do it.

    So I can hear you all now.  Ok Homer, Oh great One, prove it.

    Ok, we can start in that direction.

 Homer               adore-l@ualtavm      7/12/89 No subject