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Date:         Wed, 12 Jul 89 22:18:06 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      Homer
To:           disarm-l@albnyvm1,

    Please, Please let no more blood be shed over me.

    I am posting to DISARM-L from off the list, but I do intend to
return and I have asked Norm to rejoin with me.

    I appreciate all of you who supported me even if its only
because you appreciate a good joke once in a while.

    Norm and I have resolved our differences on ADORE-L and we
have a gentlemans agreement, something involving a duel to the
death but within the constraints of social propriety and more
on ADORE-L than on DISARM.

     As far as the incident involved is concerned I am convinced that
the following are the facts pretty much as they really happened.

     I was invited to join PSI-L by Ben and somehow I also joined
SKEPTICS-L.  Because of certain postings on these lists attacking my
integrity and courage on one (those who believe in Immortality are
too chicken to face the grave like real men) and those attacking logic
on the other (all views are equally valid), I let loose with a barage
that not even I thought I was capable of.

     Got some good private e-mail too about it all, but in general
the public on the lists did not like it.  There were two or
three CORNELL people on the lists who I know and was aware of
at the time of my rantings, and one of them took exception to my tone
and called up Norm to discuss it with him.  Also someone at Ualtavm
unrelated to ADORE-L but on the two lists in question also called
Norm or wrote him mail.

     Since Norm was approached by these people he certainly should not
be charged with censorship, although the two who approached him might be.
They probably had a juicy talk about my personality disorders
and that was that.

     Norm has seen fit to rejoin ADORE-L where I can munch on him
as much as I want.  Imagine a list I CANT get kicked off of because
I OWN it?  Horrors.  Well anyhow, the discussions are progressing, and
in fact if any of you want to bomb Norm, please come to ADORE-L and
do it there.  It is a forum for just such things.

     I have much to say here on DISARM, and seeing the sources of
my frustrations for what they are, I will tone down my postings
at the price of going into great detail as to exactly what I
believe to be true and why.  Thats a fair trade, no?

     So Dimitri, and Al and Barry, thanks for your support, but
the bad blood between me and Norm is doing better than it was,
and there is no need to continue the war on my behalf.

     On the other hand if you wish to continue a war of your own
that is totally fine with me.

     So to repeat, Norm did not ORIGINATE a communication to
administrators, although possibly he did not tell them to go
to hell when they came a calling.  You must decide how YOU
would act in the same situation.  Consider what it would be
like to have your own list, if you haven't it can be hard to
imagine the problems you get into.  And remember I can be
a challenge to any list owner, I aint the usual run of the mill
bear you might run into on a spring sunny day.

 Homer               disarm-l@albnyvm1    7/12/89 Homer