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Date:         Thu, 13 Jul 89 12:37:02 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      Re: mystery solved
To:           Shari Feldman ,
In-Reply-To:  Your message of Thu, 13 Jul 89 07:53:52 EST

>  I've finally gotten everything set up so that my mail at Dickinson is being
>forwarded to Ga. Tech.  So, as usual, I'm behind on my mail.  Thank you for
>adding my name to ART MATRIX and for the video.  I was wondering where that
>came from (besides Cornell).  I thought it was great and definitely gave
>a new meaning to the word infinite.
>  While I was home, I saw this tv special which dealt with psi.  I can't
>remember the name of it, but it was hosted by Bill Bixby (sp?) and starred
>the Amazing Randi and Uri something.  They had people on the show trying
>to win money by proving their powers, but no one won.  It was a very
>interesting show, did you happen to see it by any chance?
>  More later.
>                    Shari

    Yep I saw it and thought it was a lot of hupe.

     There are lots of people that have PSI abilities, and even
more who claim to have it, but they have no RESPONSIBILITY for having it.

     In other words they do not know why they have it, they have no
idea of its origins or its potentials, they have no ability to increase
it in themselves or add new abilities, and they have no ability
to give it to others.

     On the other hand there are people who have actually
made it to higher states of consciousness and differ from the first
kind the way a PHD differs from a bum on the street.

     These people have astounding powers which would be very dangerous
to let the world at large know they have, and they would certainly
never PROVE it to anyone except a very tight inner circle of friends who
were at the same level of accomplishment.  Or their Masters of course.

     Thus the more hype and national coverage a person gets for his
'powers' the more you can be sure he is not a serious contender
in the game of going free.

     At best he is exploiting abilties that are 'leaking' through
an otherwise humble life, or he is exploiting the public
by lying about it completely.

     The professional debunkers have a field day with these people,
because they are so ready to prove to the world they have PSI abilities,
but are so easy to show are false.

     The people with real PSI abilities would never talk to a debunker,
let alone demonstrate any powers as the debunker might possibly go
insane and start killing people.

     We should not confuse a true skeptic with a professional debunker.
A true skeptic WANTS PSI to be true, but is in doubt, perhaps more
doubt than not.

     A professional debunker on the other hand makes his money from
the fact that PSI is not true at all, and would go to pieces if
he ever had to face how wrong he was.

     It is one thing to debunk people who claim to have PSI
ability when they don't because they give the field a very bad name
among people who are already to confused to know whats right.

     Its quite another thing to debunk PSI frauds because you wish
to debunk PSI iteself.  These people have a painful future in store
for them, as their future lives will not be bright.

     If you create no light, you get no light.

     Not sure why, but I wouldn't argue with it, cuz it seems to be

 Homer               Shari Feldman        7/13/89*mystery solved