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Date:         Fri, 14 Jul 89 20:16:32 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      speculation
To:           adore-l@ualtavm,

     The existance of the physical universe is SPECULATION and in fact
it is easy to prove that you CANT prove it is there.

     Thus there is no way to know if the physical universe exists
if it does.

     However if it does NOT exist as I claim, that CAN be proven,
and should be in good time.

     You can never prove you are going to die.  You can only
prove you will live forever.

     If you are going to die, you will never know it.

     If you are not going to die, you can know it and will.

     Those that have become very mortal in their outlook
have fallen for the illusion of solidity.  It is an illusion
because although apparently things do not go through each other,
and hurt very much when you run into them, the CAUSE of this
phenomenon is NOT OUT THERE, but is part of the internal programming
of the projection machine.

     If you have ever checked out the solidity of walls in a dream
or have hurt yourself in a dream, you are well aware that you can
hallucinate any solidity or pain you wish.  There are no walls
in a dream, yet you see and fell them.  They are mere projection,
but very VERY solid.

     Just so in this universe.  The walls are not there, but the
PICTURE of the walls is there for each of us in synchronization,
and the solidity along with the color.

     Solidity is merely one piece of color not going through
another piece of color, and some other piece of color or
sensation being created when you try.  It goes thump when
you hit the wall with your fist, and your fist does not go through.
And it hurts if you hit hard enough.  Thump and pain are the
extra created sensations, and the fist not going through are
the primary manifestation of solidity.  Buts its all
just a hallucination, an intricate hook together.

     You CAN change it.

     But you don't dare, at least not yet.

     Try it in a dream sometime if you have the advancement to
remember to do so.  Dreams can be more real and solid than this
'awake' world, especially when you know you are dreaming.

     Dream fucks are so much better than awake fucks.

     Consider the game of PONG.  You remember the game?

     Why does the ball bounce off the paddle on the TV screen?
Why is there the beep when two meet.

     Surely the cause is not out in the paddle or the ball.

     The cause is in a third party operating both in synchronization.

     The third party is the real cause, but it operates the ball and
paddle to create a make believe virtual cause out in the ball and paddle.
It makes it look like the ball bounces off the paddle because the
paddle is solid.  But it isn't.

     Just so with the entire physical universe.

     There is NOTHING out there.  Its all inside.

     And it is very much bigger than anyone has dreamed.

 Homer               adore-l@ualtavm      7/14/89 speculation