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Date:         Fri, 14 Jul 89 20:30:27 EDT
From:         CTM@CORNELLC
Subject:      skeptics
To:           adore-l@ualtavm

     One has to remember that a person is a skeptic because of his
experiences or lack there of.

     One would presume that a person who had had a plethora of
visions and spiritual states open up to him, with many strange
and wonderful memories and feelings and beauties and uglies,
and hauntings of distant times and friends and lovers would
be very skeptical of the view that we live but once and
die but once.

     On the other hand someone who had been hurt repeatedly,
found only cold solid stone in his surroundings, remembered
nothing at all from before babyhood, and saw too much
pain to believe that anyone could possibly have intelligently
created this world, would tend to accept the made of meat
song and await the grave with little patience for his more
sparky counterparts.

     On has to understand once and for all that IF we are immortal,
then we CAN and HAVE created for ourselves a world that would
make anyone skeptical forever more so.

     THIS is the most skeptical thing there is.  If we were having
such a good time forever for free why did we ruin it?

     Ah, well, now how much would you pay to know the answer to that
question?  If indeed it had an answer.

     It does.  And it is free.  But it aint easy.

     And it has got to be experienced to be believed, but opening
the door to that experience involves opening the door to the
worst experiences you have ever had in 3 million Eternities, because
in the last analysis it is THOSE experiences that have made you
doubt your sanity and your will to live forever.

     The result was happiness with death and knowing that the
suffering could at last end one day.

     The suffering CAN end one day, but the route is more life,
not more death.

     At the top of LIFE is the Big Snooze, sleep forever for free,
or until you awake again to spread your wings and look out over the
Verge of Time.

     Thrill is jumping in, Romance is finding your way out again.

     Sometimes you get lost in the High Anti-Cool.

                     adore-l@ualtavm      7/14/89 skeptics