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Date:         Tue, 07 Mar 89 18:28:10 EST
From:         "Homer W. smith" 
Subject:      Re: Wisdom and debates
To:           Adore-l list 
In-Reply-To:  Message of Tue, 7 Mar 89 14:12:53 MEZ from 

>Now: can  wisdom be  debated at all?

     If wisdom is certainty that comes from within, then wisdom

     Not by teaching or laying the truth down with force, but
with guidance to get the other person to have the same vision of
himself as you have had.

     Socrates did not say 'Know thyself' because everyone
already did.

     Are we mortal?  Are we Immortal and don't know it?

     Ridiculous?  No.  But if there is a certainty about a
state above time, a place where the immutability, permanence and
Eternality of Consciousness and personal existance is obvious,
it sure is not an easy one to see.

     But once you see it, (if it is there), you can walk away
knowing with certainty that you are Immortal and others are too.
Proving this piece of wisdom to others though involves getting
them to see the evidence too.  But it is not the kind of evidence
that you can just impinge on someone regardless of their desire
to see it.

     Physical evidence is like this.  If the gun works it is
easy to prove it regardless of anyones inclination to fool himself.
But when it comes to LOOKING at oneself, you can not force anyone
to look, and in fact you can not even help someone look if they do
not have the courage to confront the consequences.

     You can however tell them there is something to see, and
what to look for and how they might go about do it derived from
how you went about doing it.  Then if they have the confront,
and it is really there to see, they too will see and have wisdom

     It is one thing to believe you are Immortal.

     It is another thing to see that you are.

     But you recover awareness of your Divinity at that moment.

     That is no small thing.

     The one thing you can not prove is that you are mortal.

 Homer W. smith      Adore-l list         3/07/89*Wisdom and debates