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Date:         Mon, 17 Jul 89 20:18:03 EDT
From:         Homer 
To:           Shari Feldman ,
In-Reply-To:  Your message of Fri, 14 Jul 89 07:39:23 EST

>You confused me mainly with one statement:  "If anyone ever for
>a moment suspectd [sic] that life on Earth was controlled right
>down to our very births, there would be chaos."  I got the
>impression that you were one of the people that suspects this.
>Correct me if I was wrong.  But, if you do suspect this, where is
>the chaos, or is it already here and everyone is just so use to it
>that they don't notice it.
     No, No that is a little to ego centric even for me.

     There are lots of people who quietly recognize the situation
in one form or another.  Some like to broadcast hyped up versions
in papers like the Enquirer, others just keep their memories to
themselves.  Often groups spring up to try and DO something about
the mental enslavement, but often go the way of all cults.

     The point is, if the masses in general were to begin to suspect
the truth, people with little sense of responsibility for their
condition, they would surely take it to the GOVERNMENT to do
something about it.  If the government could do nothing about
the between lives area, then there might be a loss of confidence
in its ability to protect a sovereign country.  I mean if the
whole country is just a jail house for spiritual nut cases,
that sort of changes your mind about things doesn't it.

     Further some people would surely assume the government was
PART OF the plot to subserviate mankind in ingnorance, and
something on the order of a French Revolution might ensue.

     You know quite a number of people say that the government already
has a couple of alien beings here on Earth.  The agreement between
them is that if the government does not tell the people about the
aliens, then the aliens will not create hostilities with their
planetary government and ours.

     If this is true that also changes things about all the
scientists who think that Earth is the only planet with life.

>You also say "the way out is the way in".  I seem to remember that
>phrase from another message.  Do you mean that to escape (for lack
>of a better word) this prison -- Earth -- we have to remember our
>past lives?
     No, it means that in order to escape the prison you have
to go in deeper.

     In order to undo FORGETTING your past lives, you have to
practice forgetting them MORE, to the point where you remember
forgetting them in the first place.  By operating forgetting you
will remember forgetting them.  Then you will remember what you

     Also it is not just past lives, but past universes as well, all
the way back to HOME UNIVERSE.

     The fall from HOME UNIVERSE was a douzy and is a basic underlying
all future strife in all later universes.

     Presumably if you clean up the fall from HOME UNIVERSE, you
clean up all your travail in all later ones until you should so chose
to screw yourself over again.

>Well, those are my questions for now...I'll be back with more.
>                    Shari

 Homer               Shari Feldman        7/17/89 No subject