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 25 Jul 89 09:25
 Ken Arndt 
 Operation Rescue: Affidavit (Part 1/2)

[ This was long, so I broke it into two parts.  The second part will
  appear in the next digest. -Liz ]


   My name is Kenneth G. Arndt of 8 Crestwood Rd., Windham, N.H. 03087.
   I am 48 years of age, married with four children and I am employed
   as a Product Manager for Digital Equipment Corporation in Merrimack,

   I am convinced by the facts of medicine and biology that individual
   biological human life begins at conception and that for a 'doctor'
   to invade a pregnant woman's body to crush the head of a seven pound
   pre-born baby boy or girl, dismember the rest of the body and drag
   it out piece by piece (as is 'legal' under the Supreme Court rulings
   subsequent to Roe v Wade) is child killing.

   I am convinced by my Christian religion that I am responsible before
   God to ACT to stop the killing of an innocent human being about to
   take place with my knowledge.  That such a killing is covered with
   a legal fiction such as Roe v Wade does not obviate my responsibility
   to a 'higher law' any more than the 'laws' in Germany gave moral
   protection to Germans (taking part or just standing by) in the NAZI
   era when certain classes of born humans were declared 'non-human'
   and sentenced to the death camps.

   THEREFORE, I go to stand in the door of an abortion (killing) clinic
   and refuse to move out of the way when ordered to do so by the
   police.  In my view such an action is more than mere 'protest' --
   placing my body between the killer and his intended victim is an
   act of 'rescue' and DOES result in lives being saved!  Children are
   alive in their mother's womb today because of what I (and others)
   did on the day in question.

   I act so as a witness against the killing and for that 'higher law'
   written on the consciences of all men and to rescue those about to
   die unjustly - at least that day - from their gristly fate.

   I am pledged, per Operation Rescue official 'rescue rules', to
   " . . . not struggle with police if arrested or resist arrest",
   " . . . not shout or in any way abuse abortuary personnel, police,
   or women seeking abortions."

   During this Rescue I went limp when arrested, for conscience sake,
   in order not to remove myself from between the child about to die
   and the killer doctor.  I did not give my name to the police to
   identify with the children killed with no due process by our judicial

   Our government rests on the consent of the governed.  I do NOT
   consent to any law which sanctions the taking of human life!

   On June 17, 1989 at 8:00am I gathered with several hundred others
   at the Summit Health Center in West Hartford, Connecticut in order
   to peacefully and non-violently stop the scheduled killing of unborn
   children who were to die there that day.

   I was prepared to risk arrest for that act and to pay the price
   required by law.  I was NOT prepared, nor am I now, to have my
   rights as a natural born American citizen violated by the authorities!
   To wit:

    1)  When approached by the police I expected to be ordered to leave
    and asked for a decision to do so.  Neither I or anyone in my
    presence or hearing was so addressed by the police.  Rather,
    the police simply grabbed each person and dragged them away

    2)  Police repeatedly refused to identify themselves as individuals
    even though we asked for their names and badge numbers as they
    started to use gratuitous pain holds and kicks.  (Gratuitous
    because at no time did I or anyone in my presence resist or
    struggle with police - no force was necessary to control us!)
    They had their name tags and badges removed - we were later
    informed that that was so we wouldn't be cut or scraped (however
    they did not remove their pens!).

    3)  I was roughly searched on the ground (while offering absolutely
    no resistance) - my jacket (zipper) was ripped open rather
    than being unzipped.  I was kicked and cuffed with plastic
    'tie wrap' handcuffs so tightly that as my wrists began to
    swell over time I lost feeling in one hand.  (Over one month
    later I still do not have full feeling in my left hand.)

    4)  My pockets were turned out and developed film (two rolls) was
    taken from me and given to clinic personnel who quipped "film
    at 11:00".  My personal Bible was taken from my pocket and
    thrown in the trash (not with my other belongings) as a
    deliberate act.  At no time while in the custody of the West
    Hartford police was I ever given a list of what was taken from
    me, much less sign for anything.  To this day I am missing:

          o my coat, my dress shirt, my camera (with two rolls of
        film), my boots (I was released from prison in borrowed
        sneakers), $28.00 in bills, a photo of my children, a book
        of stamps, a pen, a notebook, etc.  It is my understanding
        that some of these effects (but not all) may be at a prison
        in Hartford.  I asked for but was not allowed to get any
        of my belongings upon my release eleven days later.

    5) After being dragged, kicked and my belongings stripped from me,
       my stocking feet were tied together with the plastic tie wraps
       and were hoisted by two policemen by means of a riot stick
       between them and I was dragged down a long hall over carpet
       face down which produced rug burns on stomach and marks on my
       face.  At no time during this process did I struggle or attempt
       to evade or even speak except to say, "I forgive you" to the
       two policemen dragging me.  They thought that was funny.  Not
       until processing into the prison system did I get any medical
       attention although I showed my open wounds to para medics at
       the police station the next day.

    6) I was dragged across concrete causing open wounds on my knees
       and the tops of my feet.  Crossed riot sticks (four feet long)
       were placed behind my arms and I was lifted by this means into
       the bus used to take us from the scene.  One officer dug his
       fingers under my jaw to assist lifting me into the bus.  He
       asked if I would forgive him for this too.  I tried to say

    7) Once on the bus my head was slapped twice by an officer who
       warned me that if I didn't stay sitting upright he would stick
       my head out the bus window and close it on my head.  I never
       spoke to him but sang a hymn with the others instead.

    8) I was dragged, using the riot sticks again, from the bus over
       more concrete into the police station where I was searched again
       and again never given any accounting of what was taken from me.
       I was dragged upstairs (by the arms still cuffed - very painful)
       to a courtroom.  Eventually there were about a hundred of us

    9) I (we all) was forced to sleep under the benches in the courtroom
       and were given only one sandwich and water for the next 30

   10) One men's room, one at a time, was allowed.  No phone calls
       allowed and no lawyer allowed in at the police station.  We

   11) When a judge appeared to hear cases (probable cause hearing)
       the police (in particular one policeman called "Ken") started
       to grab a woman and using a pain hold so that she cried out
       drag her up to the front of the courtroom.  The judge ordered
       him to stop.  The policeman "Ken" complained and said that the
       judge downstairs in the other courtroom allowed such action.
       The judge said again not in HIS courtroom.

   12) When my turn came to be dragged before the judge (we refused
       on conscience to walk) I stood and thanked him for not allowing
       the police to hurt us again.  "Ken" stated out loud that in
       another courtroom and with another judge he WOULD hurt us!  The
       judge gave each of us time for a brief statement of why we did
       what we did.

   13) The press/public were not allowed into the courtroom at any
       time.  I later saw a recorded broadcast of the events during
       which the press asked to be allowed inside.  The District
       Attorney claimed there was no room for them!  Not true.

   14) At the state prison in Enfield, CT. to which we were transported
       we were kept on a gym floor (76 men).  We were forbidden to
       sing and pray together and worship God.  Our lawyers, who we
       saw at the hearing, were not allowed to see us and use of the
       phone was so limited that most could not make a call for several

   15) The entire time I was held at Enfield there was only one shower
       and one toilet for all 76 men.  The number reduced slightly
       over time as a few bonded out after finally being able to call

[ to be continued... -Liz ]


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