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Date:         Tue, 01 Aug 89 00:23:57 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      Homer
To:           adore-l@ualtavm

     I assure you both Homer and Jane are alive and well and
very independant of each other.

     It is you Bill who seems to be picking a fight.

     Anyhow it is you Bill who does want to get to know me,
and feels the need to defend your friends from my ferocity
when I attack them.

     You had no business attacking me for the letter I sent
Andrea.  She should have responded herself, except that I
probably intimated that I was through reading her mail.

     Your response to me led me to be through reading your mail too.

     Something I am well within my rights to do.
     So was Andrea.

     The thing is Bill, you are not worth knowing because you do not
consider me worth knowing.  You are unwilling to let me be myself as I am.
I have to fit your idea of an ideal man who loves women regardless
of the slime and conceit they ooze, and you have to come to their
defense at the slightest hint of an attack from me.

     Many, many people consider me not worth knowing, and I do not
hold this against them.  I just don't consider them worth knowing
in return.  Sometimes I start it.  So they return it.  This may be
unfortunate, but we are well within our rights to decide for ourselves
who we are going to spend time getting to know and who we are
going to write off, for the time at least.

     I consider Andrea not worth knowing because from her last letter
it was apparent that she did not consider me worth knowing. Quite
possibly I started it, because I just find such women not worth knowing.
That's a judegement call and we all have the right to make them and
live by the consequences of them.

    I don't OWE any of you the consideration that you are worth knowing.
If you have such a consideration then automatically you ARN'T worth knowing.
Some of you are very accepting kinds of people, I am not.  If you cant
accept that, then YOU become an unaccepting kind of person too.

     The problem I had with Andrea is like many women, she is of
the opinion that women and men are over all equal in all spiritual mental
emotional and physical respects.  I do not agree with this point of
view and in fact I consider it one of their many inferiorities that they
DO believe this point of view.  In fact I consider it EVIL.

     Along the same lines that I would also consider evil the ideas that
human males are equal to gods, and that children are equal to women.
The universe consists of 4 distinct levels of existance, and they are
in my opinion God, Man, Woman, and Child and they correspond in reverse
order to Body, Heart, Mind and Soul.  To consider any level equal to
another is either to inflate the lower level or denigrate the higher
level.  This results from denying the dependancies of the lower
level on the higher, and the greater SCOPE SPAN DEPTH AND FIELD of
the higher over the lower.  It invalidates the flow of TEACHING and LEARNING,
and throws a moneky wrench in the heirarchy of COMMAND.
From Gods, through Man and Woman to Child.

     Most people would tell you there are 3 levels, GOD, PARENT and

     I just don't buy it.  And I am hated and reviled for it.
Both my women and by the men who are equal to women.

     Although there are many women who are at least willing to consider
what I have to say on the subject even if it rankles them the wrong way,
Andrea seemed bent on proving her equality to men and had no willingness
to consider my point of view.  I have spent a whole life time considering
her point of view, and I have rejected it.  Finally and with much relief.

     Of course my point of view is NOT that ALL men are superior to ALL
women.  So let's not be assholes and claim that it is.

     However my exact point of view is a virulently socially
unacceptable point of view, one that no one in polite society holds,
or at least never admits they hold, and only crude and rude males
prove it wrong constantly by holding it loudly and crassly.

     Errant and uncaring Gods apparently don't help much either.

     Indeed most women on the planet today are possibly
SUPERIOR to most of the men around them.  This however in my opinion is
a created situation, between mother and son.  Something some women
deny vehemently, but which none the less I believe I can see operating.

     Of course Andrea may have spent HER whole life considering MY point
of view and rejected it for the same reason.  Thus we have a right
to come to an impasse, even a somewhat rude impasse, and it is very
out of place for you to get all righteously upset over my communications
with her.  No murder took place, no account closings, just
a direct expression of opinion.

     I essentially said I wanted to drop the subject with her, and
so YOU took it up with me in her place.

     So I dropped YOU.

     Consider if you had told Stimely to stop sending you mail, and
someone of HIS friends took up his cause an wrote about how nasty
you were to him.

     Now of course Stimely was nasty to you, Lord knows, but silently
and in a subtle way Andrea was nasty to me, so I responded overtly in kind,
and told her to shove it.  Then YOU step into the picture,
that's when you lost it in my eyes.

     If someone had come to Stimely's defense when you told him to
stop sending you mail, that person would have lost it in YOUR eyes, no?
You certainly would stop reading THEIR mail too.

     I don't like private mail in general on these subjects because
it makes me write answers that all should hear, and wastes my life
energy writing to one when all could listen in.

     Hell, if you are going to be riled to death, you might as
well let everyone do it.

     Therefore I must warn all that if I receive private mail
and I feel it should go to the list, I will repost it without
permission, all bitnet rules to the contrary.

     If you cause trouble over it, off you go.

     Now Bill, what's really wrong with you?  You bored tonight?
Have nothing of worth to post except to rag on Homer's vast resevoir
of inadequacies, inferiorities, insecurities, insanities and general

     Why are you out to pick a fight with me?  I have left you alone,
I haven't thought one
bad thought about you for a whole month,  and here you go trying to goad
me into something.  Trying to prove YOUR maturity?  No of course not,
you are too mature for that.  We leave that kind of behavior up to Homer.

     Is there still some resentment you harbor against me that
you have not publically aired yet?

     You all have a Homer Free Zone in BELIEF-L, so if I am
such an unpleasant person to you why do you come back to ADORE-L?
Seems like you must want it.  So you get it.

     Bill I would remind you that YOU started this exchange by
ribbing me about how I got my wish for a mortal free list.  This was
out of the blue and unprovoked.  Also out of character from your
recent postings.

     My statement about the joksters and degraders being gone or
silent from the list is an exact statement of the truth,
and I am about the farthest thing from a jokster and degrader
that any of you have ever met.

     In fact it probably scares the daylights out of some how
serious I am about all this Mortal meathead crap and some of you
have to do everything in your power to make it look like Homer
is making a fool out of himself all the time.  You just HAVE to do this
lest you look in the mirror one day and scare the hell out of yourself.

     I see through the lies, and if the rest of you don't,
then I will continue to talk to the ghosts on the list.

     For every 50 million spirits that enter this universe, 1 leaves.

 Homer               adore-l@ualtavm      8/01/89 Homer