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Date:         Tue, 01 Aug 89 17:25:44 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      Re: Just wondering, Homer
To:           Adore-l list 
In-Reply-To:  Message of Tue, 1 Aug 89 14:53:00 CDT from 

>    I'm fairly new to the list, but I have formed definite opinions
>during the short time I've been on it.
>    I don't think any of us have to do everything in our power to
>make it look like you are making a fool out of yourself all the
>time.  You pretty much take care of it yourself.

     Stupid.  You just DID it.  Or tried to.

     Since I do not consider my self a fool, and there are a few
on the list who agree with me, I would have to say that
many of the people who have been noise makers in the past on this list,
especially those who have left, have devoted themselves to the problem
of how to make Homer look like a fool.  I no longer take it personally,
because I see now that it is intentional and malicious and is evidenced
by the fact that they never post anything of worth themselves except
of course all their pansy excuses why they don't.

>    A question, just out of curiosity.  What are those aspects of
>mature malehood we females cannot develop? and who are these gods
>you keep mentioning?

     Ah, an intelligent question.  And a good one too.

     Even deserves a well thought out answer.  And I do have one.

     Notice however that I did not say that females COULD NOT develop
these characteristics, now did I.  I said male qualities become MASTERED and
come to FULL MATURITY in the male aspect of the life cycle.  We all
develop along all lines but we must master where we are before
we move on to master the next level.

     Further I repeat for the Nth time that the sex of the BODY is
an arbitrary delimiter on such spiritual progress only because
when the spirit is ready to move up a grade, the body is unable to do so.
Our present physical bodies are a poor substitute for our real spiritual
trans sex bodies that we have suppressed, lost and no longer operate
consciously but still have and can recover once we have attained
a fully self determined exteriorization from these mortal shells.

>    Another question: what was the point of that posting about the
>minister who was abused by the police. I never got the second half so
>I don't know if you commented or not, but the only thing I wondered
>was why people who abuse the rights of others are always amazed that
>someone would do the same to them.

     The posting moved me deeply.  I dislike Christians and I am certainly
pro choice although if you have ever SEEN an abortion it is mighty
disgusting and makes one think more than once about the matter.  But
getting an abortion is not a criminal act as for me in any case,
bodies are just bodies and you own them like any other body until
you contract it out to the spirit that takes it over after birth.
If the spirit steals it from you before birth, then that is its fault
if it gets aborted, the spirit will just go get another body anyhow.

     Anyhow I am very suprised that the cops treat the Christians so
badly.  I would think that the cop force of America would be mostly
Christian itself.  They are so anti marijhuana and such.

     I am not sure I understand your statement about people abusing
others should not be surprised if they get it back.  Is this
a reference to the abuse CHRISTIANS heep on others and they are
just getting it back from the cops?

      No I did not comment on the posting, and I will pass on the
second half it I ever get it.

>    Finally, what does the name of this list refer to?
>Sylvia Gorman

     You have obviously not read the charter.

     I remind one and all that the charter is mandatory reading
for those on this list in the sense that it can be held against
you if you do not read it AND this results in unnecessary upset later.

     The charter is attained from

     tell listserv at ualtavm review adore-l

      You will get a file which you should load on to your disk
and use an editor to read.  Mail programs will usually clip off
the end as it is long.

     ADORE is a work written by me between 1975 and present time
and is an anagram for A Divine Operating REligion.

 Homer               Adore-l list         8/01/89*Just wondering, Homer