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Date:         Wed, 02 Aug 89 01:00:23 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      godhood
To:           adore-l@ualtavm

     Ok, to the question of who are all these gods I keep talking about.

     Godhood is a state of achievement on any given subject.  It usually
signifies mastery of that subject and also that the spirit will soon
go on to bigger and better things.  Thus the spirit with newly acquired
godhood on a subject enters by choice a newly acquired childhood on
another maybe bigger subject.

     Godhood is not an absolute term, although such absolute godhood
can be attained.  But that would comprise mastery of every subject
on everything everywhere, and would signify the end of all life games,
and the beginning of a new snooze zone for that one being.

     In such a sense such absolute godhood is undesirable unless
the being truly wishes to leave the playing field.  And usually after
a time in the snooze zone, the spirit will reenter a game field,
limit its knowingness again and start a new cycle of play, decay,
recovery and freedom over a span of unthinkable but countable
zillions of years.

     Achievement is measured by scope, span, depth and field and
ultimately is measured in total responsibility over the subject
in question.  Total responsibility is the ability to make, cause to
persist and cause to vanish any part of that subject including loss and regain
of all abilities with regard to making, causing to persist and vanishing
parts of any subject.

     Since the universe is a dream projected by source, this includes
'physical' matter energy space and time.  If you cant create it, you
cant vanish it.  But who wants to violate the laws of conservation
of energy and momentum?  Besides it is much more fun to pretend it is
real and you ARE it (or have to work for it!)

     Scope is the amount of space and time under the direct causal
influence of a being.

     Span, similar to attention span, is the number of different objects,
sections of space or moments of time, that the being can effectively
control at once.

     Control is not a bad thing.  Without effective good operational control
you could get nothing done and would in fact be causing nothing.

      Depth is how much the being knows about each object, section of space
or moment of time under his causal jurisdiction.

      Field is other people's consideration of the spirit's scope, span,
depth and field.  In other words reputation.  Which is often related
to how much co operation the being gets from his fellow players.

      Which of course puts a greater strain on his scope span and depth
especially if your fellow players are enemies in the game.

      That's called ex cooperation.

      Guilt, stupidity, shambles and shame,
      Ex Cooperation is the name of the game.

      Which particular subjects or areas of life that are the proper
purview of an advancing spirit through the various levels of child,
woman, man and god is a vast subject of immense proportions, at least
as large as our entire universe and even bigger because this is just
one universe is a sea of millions.  All inhabited.

      However a quick survey of this can be made by relating
the four levels of child, woman, man and god to body heart mind and soul.
Mastery of the soul would of course entail mastery of the body heart and mind
but one does this by starting with the body.  Then one masters the heart,
and then one masters the mind, and then one masters the soul.

      The soul has to do with creation.
      The mind has to do with discovery of what was created.
      The heart has to do with expression of those discoveries.
      The body has to do with trade between beings of their expressions.

     The purpose of creation is trade in expressions of discovery.

     Creation, Discovery, Expression and Trade correspond to
     Religion, Science, Art and Business.

     Thus the following table can be made in which it can be
determined what subjects will be of most interest to a spirit
at given level of achievement.

     Remember that once top achievement is attained on one subject,
the being goes on to a higher subject starting at the bottom of
the scale again.

     A subject is something like selling lavenders in the street.
Or it can be composing music.  Or designing buildings, cities or
even solar systems and galaxies.  You did you know.

     It can even be designing forgetfulness.

     Also remember that your present physical body is a limitation
and a travestic parody of the truth and that it prevents the advancing
spirit from attaining full mastery of any level above or below the level
the body resides at.

     Thus while men are in bodies, they can not do well at godhood,
and while women are in bodies they cannot do well at manhood, and
while children are in bodies they can not do well at womanhood, manhood,
or godhood.  Bodies further do not have a godhood state, but if they did
while gods were in their bodies they could not do well at the childhood of
the next level up.

     Its always a circle.  God, Man, Woman and Child form a circle,
and any problem that one has with its neighbor in either direction,
all of them have with their neighbors in the same direction.

     Thus if one is to say (and it is only true within one grade)
that men are 'better' than women, then it is also true (for that same
grade) that gods are better than men, and that women are better
than children, and that children in the next grade up are better
than gods in the next grade down.

     Only a free spirit, free to operate its natural spiritual body
can freely operate all four levels at its present level of achievement,
and is not stopped or hindered from advancing because of a limited finite
body that can not outgrow its final state or return to an earlier state.
Natural spiritual bodies have no such problems.


     Also it should be said that just because a child must learn
to handle its body first before its heart, does not mean that
it will be the best at handling a body.  A woman will of course
be better at handling a body, because by being a woman she has
mastered the lower level.

     In the same light, just because a woman must learn to master
her heart (and art) before she learns to master her mind, this does
not mean she will be better at heart/art than a man, because
theoretically the man has already mastered that level and is struggling
with the next higher one, the mind.  I leave it up to you to complete
the circle with god and child.

     Remember also that a woman in a higher grade will find a man
in a lower grade to be grossly uncivilized and uncouth.  It is this
fact that tends to give this whole subject a bad name and worse
taste in some woman's mouths.

     You mention men, and some women think of their fathers.

     It should be remembered that spirits of all levels can be
and are born into families of vastly different levels.  Thus many
bright and advanced girls have to put up with dogs for fathers or
mothers, or other people who should probably be shot.

     Also spirits of many levels tend towards certain kinds of
jobs in society, and some of the lower level spirits tend towards
jobs in government and education.  Thus school and war and politics
become nasty subjects for many higher brighter people who just can't
figure it out, where all the assholes came from, that is.

     Social position has nothing to do with spiritual advancement, except that
the very advanced often shine with grace over their possibly more
successful but vicious counterparts at lower levels.  Thus the
richest man in the world may be a total douche, but someone
who has really mastered business at a very high level will be
sure to be doing very well and his products will be HELPING people,
not killing them.  Witness Steven Jobs.

     There is no level that any spirit can not attain.  Each spirit
is working in some sense on all levels at once, but it is hard
to talk if you cant walk.  So mastery of the body comes before
mastery of the heart, etc.

     In the apparency of one life, one body, it can seem to a being
that all of their beingness and ability comes from the body they are in.
This gives men the illusion they will never be gods, and women the
illusion they will never be men and children the illusion they
will never grow up.

     Of course it also gives men the illusion they can never be
women or children again.  But most men will not admit that they
want to be.  Thus it is a sad story all the way around.

     In truth the body is a severe limitation at ALL levels.  Having
a male body circa Earth 1989 is a total drag that stops a spirit
from mastering much at all at any level.  So lets not get to
thinking that men can become Men because they have male bodies.  Men become
assholes because they have male bodies.  But so do
women, and so do children, and believe it or not, so do gods.

     The only way a spirit can fully manifest, perfect and master
any given level of child, woman, man or god is to not have
much truck with human bodies at all, except maybe to own
one or two of them for what ever purpose.  But to BE a body,
well that's the fast track to the drain.

     It's hiding and its a deceit of magnitude.

     However the way out is the way in.

     The way out of the Abyss is to jump in.

     Push the button twice and it comes out.

     But it is not easy.  There were millions of buttons,
and all of them hurt.  And most are long forgotten.

     But THAT's just another button now isn't it.

     So has Homer made a big enough fool out of himself for one night?

     If so I should like to go to bed.

     Thank you.

 Homer               adore-l@ualtavm      8/02/89 godhood