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Date:         Wed, 02 Aug 89 14:07:03 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      God Man Woman Child
To:           adore-l@ualtavm

     Just a quick note.

     The human body has absolutely nothing to do with the particular
level that a spirit is working on or should be UNLESS the this lifetime
body was chosen freely by the spirit for just such a purpose.

     Since the inbetween lives area is still clouded to me and full
of terror and horror, it is unclear to me how spirits fare
after they die out of their previous body and before they take
on a new one.

     It is certain that for a long time Earth was a prison colony for
spirits who others did not want to deal with.  Spirits were smashed
and their will was broken and they were assigned bodies on Earth that
more than likely had nothing to do with their spiritual needs.
Thus many spirits in woman bodies would have done better with
male bodies and visa versa.

    Some say that this inbetween lives oppression has recently
been ended over the past few thousand years due mainly to
other system forces wiping out the bad guys, (yeah yeah I know,
sounds ridiculous, when you can remember, you can speak) and so
it is possible that life on Earth has become more free willed.

     It is still incredible that any spirit would knowingly and
willing take on a body to the extent that we have, especially with
the knowledge and memory and ability wipe out that seems to accompany
our birth on Earth, but if it is so, then quite possibly some spirits
are actually beginning to chose bodies for themselves that fits
the level they are working on, God, Man, Woman and Child.

     Of course it is hard to work on the God level with a human body,
but not impossible, and remember that the Child level is an ENORMOUS
level of attainment that has little to do with being a schmoo in
your mothers arms, eating and shitting in an out of control fashion.
When the Bible says we must all become little children again, it is
not referring to this very degraded condition of the spirit.

     What needs to be taken into account is that as the sphere of
control expands, ones dependancy on others above one lessens, and
the dependancy of others below one increases.

     The child is totally dependant in the limit and few depend on him.
The woman is dependant on the man, but has repsponsibility for the defense
of the child.  Thus she is at the level of master of defense.

     The man is dependant on the god, but is responsible for the woman.
Of course this is also a defense level, but the man's charge is also to
go outward and master the outward environment which includes the rest
of the universe.  Thus this is at the level of master of offense.  Presumably
this is why men are so offensive.

     Remember that just because a person is working at a level does
not mean that they have mastered it.  Thus a god may be expected to
be a master of offense but a man not.  A man might be expected to be
a master of defense and a woman not.  But the man is working AT the
level of master of offense in the hope of one day mastering it.

     As I said, mainly he masters being offensive.

     But women mainly master being defensive.  So lets not point fingers.

     Each sphere of control or action of each level is a wider and
more responsible sphere.  By more responsible I mean that more things
are under the direct causal influence of the being operating there.
This is both good and bad.  It gives one more freedom to work in
a bigger sphere, and more recognition, but also MUCH more chance
of fucking up and killing hundreds of people by accident and getting
a lot of punishment and blame coming your way.

     People also look to you to solve their problems if your sphere
of control is bigger than theirs.  If you cant deliver they
will try to crucify you.

     Thus the child is at the center of the sphere, in control of
little and under the protection of all.

     The woman commands a very large sphere around the child and
his friends.  This includes but is not limited to schooling, nutrition,
medical care, teaching, learning, training in dangerous games for
physical excellence, language and everything else a child needs to become
able to move on to the next level of mature womanhood itself.

     The idea that woman's place is in the home is a serious understatement
of magnitude designed to trap and enslave woman into a dying role.
The woman's place is a HUGE arena of space and time wherein all the
activities of helping children mature into their next levels take place.
One's personal dwelling (the home) is only a tiny microscopic portion
of this arena.

     If one wants to define the home as this entire arena then possibly
it could be said that a woman's place is in the home.  but I would not
advise using that wording as people are douchebags and will not assign
the proper scope, span, depth and field to just what HOME really is.

     The woman's area of activity is however limited to where children
would be allowed to go.  You would not want young children out on the
edge of a dangerous frontier and just so the child would not want his
mother their either.  Especially without him.  Thus where you would
not take your children, in some measure you should not go yourself.
But if you WOULD take your children there, then march away.

     The man's arena of operation is the dangerous frontier, specifically
trying to spec it out and tame it to make it a suitable and STABLE place
for his children.  Men in general will not allow their woman too far
out into the frontier, just as a woman in general will not allow her
children too far out into the dangerous frontier.  This is the wise
perogative of each.  Its all for the children, and has nothing to
do with anything else.

     Because the man is faced with the dangerous frontier as his
daily job and duties, he developes the ability to think fast in moments
of great danger.  Those that don't die.  His life consists of constant
challenges to his supremacy of the planet and his ability to survive
new and UNKNOWN problems that would kill him in a moments hesitation.

     Thus men excell in the ability to think fast on their feet,
to INVENT new and ingenious solutions to terrible dangers, and they
also excell in SEEKING out such things before they find him.

      The womans attention is mostly inward towards the child more than it is
outward.  Woman want a safe home, one that is constant, secure, stable
predicatable, one were they KNOW they can get their work done of training
their children in dangerous games, skill, ability etc.  This is master
of defense.  Remember the 'home' is not a personal dwelling, it is
every part of the universe that has been made fit for habitation and
working with children.

     Men on the other hand have much of their attention going outwards
to new and unknown territories, to tame them and make them a safe
refuge before they come to take him by surprise.

     Thus from this discussion it might be deduced that men are good
at INVENTING and women are good at TRAINING.

     The man invents, discovers and builds machine, architecture, science,
all things that the WOMAN must then become very proficient in USING
to help her in her work of training the children.

     Men build bridges so that woman might use them to take her children
to school.  Get it?

      Once again I would iterate that the body is a trap.  Like a fly
trap made by beings more powerful than us but themselves on the way out.
This 'endless' cycle of birth and death, learning and forgetting, that
we suffer life after life on Earth is neither forever not is it natural.
It is the fast track to the drain, so don't make it right.

     It is a temporary affair, much as being a prisoner of war is a
temporary affair, and once the chains of ignorance and phsysical
confinement in the body are broken, things will change for the
better and life will be fun living again.  Adorable, acutally.
Until them life will be rough and full of doubt.  It's so real
it is hard to remember you are dreaming continuously with other
co dreamers.

     You have also tried to wake up many many times from this world
and have failed miserably, so it becomes hard to accept that the
universe is a dream proected in the eternal structure of your
consciousness.  But time too is a dream, and good illusion,
so it is true that Eternity is home.

 Homer               adore-l@ualtavm      8/02/89 God Man Woman Child