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Date: 25 Jul 89 09:25
From: Ken Arndt 
Subject: Operation Rescue: Affidavit (Part 2/2)

[ Part 1 was in the last digest; if you didn't get a copy and would
  like one, send me mail and ask for that digest. -Liz ]

       The following incidents I observed and consider to be outrageous
       violations of civil rights by the arresting officers of the
       West Hartford police:

    1) I saw a policeman jump upon a prone man and start to bend his
       hand back at the wrist with great force while on top of him.
       It was so shocking that a fellow officer grabbed the first
       officer by the head and pleaded with him to stop and calm down
       - which he finally did.

    2) I saw an older woman (one of several actually) with her hands
       painfully tie wrapped behind her back dragged by the lower arms
       along the pavement so that she screamed out in pain and pleaded
       for the police to stop.  They refused.

    3) I saw the same treatment as above done to old grey haired men
       (including priests and a bishop of the Roman Catholic Church)
       and the screams were awful to hear.  There was a pattern of
       punishment without due process (excessive force) throughout the
       arrests within my sight and to my person.

    4) I saw a young woman in the courtroom denied her medicine although
       she told the West Hartford police officers there she had it in
       her belongings in the building and that she suffered from
       epilepsy and was having petite mal episodes.  The next day she
       suffered a grand mal episode and was taken to the hospital in
       an ambulance.

    5) I saw one older man come into the courtroom where I was held
       who had EXTENSIVE (over a foot square) rug burns on his chest
       and stomach.

    6) I saw old men and women, who came for conscience to stand in
       the abortion clinic door - peacefully and non-violently - crying
       in the courtroom from pain and shock that this could happen in

       Such abuses of police and judicial power must be stopped!!
       Other police departments and other communities have not found
       it necessary to so treat either protestors of other causes or
       Operation Rescue people.  Why this treatment in West Hardford?

       The clear right of Americans to peacefully and non-violently
       dissent, even when it is posited that such dissent may conflict
       with the rights of others or such dissent may be against existing
       law, does NOT mean that police may or ought to use more force
       than is necessary to control the situation.

       The breaking of a 'lower' law in the name of a 'higher law' is
       a fine American civil rights tradition - not to mention REQUIRED
       behavior before God and the values of Western Civilization.  To
       beat people acting so and already well under police control -
       indeed not even resisting verbally - is an outrage.  NOR WILL

       I have been to eight or nine 'Rescues', led one, been arrested
       five times and I am willing to go again.  Why?  Because I really
       believe children are being killed in these clinics.

       I am ready to go to be hurt again, go to jail, lose my job, my
       home, and even, if necessary, lay down my life for the lives
       of the children being killed daily across our nation.

       There MUST be a moral distinction between what is 'legal' and
       what is 'just'.  There MUST be protection for peaceful non-
       violent dissent!

       I Kenneth G. Arndt have read the foregoing five page affidavit
       and it is true to the best of my knowledge and belief and I
       subscribe to this affidavit under the pains and penalties of
       perjury this 21st day of July, 1989.

       ----------------------	         -------------------------------
       Date                              Kenneth G. Arndt


       July 21, 1989

       This date Kenneth G. Arndt appeared before me and acknowledged
       the foregoing affidavit to be his free act and deed and subscribed
       to under the pains and penalties of perjury.



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