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Date:         Thu, 31 Aug 89 14:22:47 EDT
From:         Homer 
To:           Disarmament Discussion List ,
In-Reply-To:  Message of Thu, 31 Aug 89 08:45:00 EDT from 

>Thanks for defining "militant atheist" Homer! Don't you agree that only
>these clear-headed people should be allowed to vote?

     Being an Immortal by persuasion and finding Religion to be
at the core of existance, I can not claim to be an atheist.  I do
not believe that GOD created us, I believe that WE CHOSE, so my religion
is very different from Christianity, say.  I also believe that men
are basically good and are evil from self chosen majesty, which
self choseness came from good.

     I would have to say that persecution of religious people by mortals
is just as bad as persecution of mortals by religious people.  Some times
I wonder if WOMEN should be allowed to vote but only passingly.  Sometimes
I wonder about Gays and what rights they should enjoy, but again
only passingly.  Sometimes I dream of nailing Christians to all their
little crosses, that would seem fitting justice for their level of
mentality.  And sometimes I wish there were a nuclear war which would
wipe out everyone one including me because the filth is too much to bear.
When the slime in the bathroom starts to talk back its time to napalm the

    If I were to advocate that certain religious subcretins should not be
allowed to vote, that would be like certain subcretins advocating that
I stop calling people names.  Or like one super subcretin I know who
would see my account get closed for my big mouth.

     It has crossed a few minds, you know.

     Me thinks, Dimitri, that you have too much faith in the STATE,
that they will not be eventually invaded by the very religious fanatics
that you wish to censor.  Maybe in the previous days of Philosopher Kings,
this might have been a good idea, but humans are not connected to the truth,
only to what they have been implanted with.  Each implant screams that it
is the truth and all others are false.

     Those who climb into the STATE-MOBILE wish THAT driver's seat for
personal gain, not for altruist desires to keep human kind on course.

     Not ALL are under the pall of Mortal Doom or Hell Fire, but most of
the ones who arn't keep to themselves.

     If you can not remember any past existance to this present body,
then either you have never existed before and only MAY continue to
exist after death if there is a 'God', or else you have never existed
before and wont continue to exist after death either.
These two views are covered well by Dust in the Windianity and Christianity.

      If you CAN remember your past lives, then you know why others can't,
and you also have some suspicion of where all their incorrect world
views come from.  And possibly where they lead.  ('Roto-rooter,
that's the name...')

     Each world view wishes it could get rid of all other world views.

     Mortals hate fanatics, fanatics hate everyone including themselves,
and only Immortals have a glimmer of acceptance of these other views,
because the Immortal view is one of total responsibility.  That we are ALL
Gods playing Jerk, and that nothing could happen without our say so including
forgetting it all and not believing a word of it.

     I used to be a Mortal until I climbed out of that pit.  It took years,
cuz I kept sliding back on my own slime.
I thought that Christians should all be lined up and shot.  Over the years
I have softened.  Nailing them to crosses would be sufficient.
But this is only because I was raised by Christians; my view would be softer if
I had not been so involved.  Actually if we are going to start shooting
someone, I think we should start with women.  But that again just comes from
personal experience with one or two (or three, god what a run!) women.
I am sure women feel the same about men, maybe just about me.

     Besides I have been such a woman in my own past, so it probably
serves me right to have had a few as my cage keepers in my early years.
Some women are good people, just as some men are good people.  Yeah I
know, I am not one of them.

     Since each group is trying to censor all other groups and not allow
their philosophy to be taught or indoctrinated in little children,
you can be sure that there is a cold and not so cold war going on all
the time between these world views.  When one view gets encamped in
one country and another in another country, you can be sure that
real war might break out.

     Adorians (me) shudder at the thought of Christian parents teaching
their children that they are saved and others arn't, teaching them that
no one can perfect themsevles, that Christ died on a Cross at the hands
of men for the sins of men and that some how this makes everything all ok.
Adorians shudder most of all at the concept that teaches that
God created the world knowing full well that his creatures would
disobey and He would cast them into hell, yet looked upon this
as said it was good.

     Any parent that treated its straying child the way God treats his
straying souls would be shot for child abuse, yet this here religion
is the official sanctioned religion of the United States.

     I mean you know, God had this good idea one day, and at the end
of it was a fully populated Hell.  God saw this and smiled, maybe even
buffed his nails.  Doesn't this seem strange to anyone?

     So you have these religions that fill the need for vengence in the
hearts of their followers.  They provide the big Bully who will do to
others what they did to you only more so.  You are supposed to
love your enemies, but God, well vengance is His and all that jazz.

     Vile, evil and sick.  Not at all Divine.  Yet totally Divine cuz
Divinity is for Majestic Practical Jokes too.  JOY stands for Jokes On You.

     Then you have the Mortals.  Well their destiny is carrion.
Lifetime after lifetime after lifetime after lifetime...
Of course they became Mortals, because they couldn't stand Christianity
any more.  Five lifes of 'being saved' and ending back up on Earth is
enough to change anyones mind.  People fall away from God when they
have suffered too much.  It just stops making sense that someone ELSE
all good and all knowing and all anything except stupid created this place,
and stuck us in it without our permission.  Adorians of course believe
that WE created this place and jumped in for the thrill.

     Then you have the Immortals.  Well their destiny is to live
with the fanatics and the meatballs.  Ah well, somewhere it serves us
right I am sure.

     But to bring peace to this planet is going to be quite a job as long
as all these different views exist as each hates the other with a distemper.

     Adorians say that, in Heaven, this entire Universe is called Killer Pit,
and that Earth is called The Drain.

     So we all have to ask ourselves, 'Que fait moi dans cette galere?'

     What are we doing in this gallery?

 Homer               Disarmament Discuss  8/31/89 No subject