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Date:         Fri, 01 Sep 89 18:17:36 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      Re: In regards to the forwarding of Homer's Adore-L message to the
 Belief-L list.
To:           Adore-l list 
In-Reply-To:  Message of Fri, 1 Sep 89 13:06:00 CDT from 

>        Homer has some interesting ideas, but a completely warped sense
>of Christianity which seems to me like simple bigotry.  This comment
>isn't based on reading the single posting here, but a series of
>experiences with the man.  The most amazing thing about him is that
>as much as he condemns Christianity for the most negative aspects of
>it (dogma and self-righteousness) he seems equally dogmatic and self-
>righoteous about his own beliefs as people like Jerry Fallwell.  This
>isn't so much a flame such as an observation.

     I have NEVER criticized Christianity because of its dogmatic nature,
only for the FALSITY of its dogma.  I would expect any religion to
speak the truth as it was.  There can be only one truth regardless of
what the mindless ones say.

     Either we are Immortal or we are not.
     Either we chose to be here or we did not.
     Either we are responsible for our existance in this universe or we are not
     Either Christ died on the Cross at the hands of men for the sins of men
            or he did not.
     Either God exists or he does not.

     Once you have the CORRECT answers to these, you of course will have
a dogma.  It would be a serious crime against Truth to swerve from your
answers just because someone considered it rude to be too sure of yourself.
Of course most of the world is sure you should not be sure of anything, but
those people are hardly human.

     The Christianity that I know and love so well is the Christianity
that I was brought up with, went to school with, had drummed into my dear
little ear in Sunday School with, and hear all the time on TV and on CBN.

     If this is not YOUR Christianity then my attacks do not apply to YOU.

     As for being dogmatic, what means dogmatic?  What would it mean
to NOT be dogmatic?  To have a view of the world that is not sure, always
changing, never right, never wrong, not exact, never certain?

     If that is so, then of course I am dogmatic, as all certainties
are dogmatic.  Perhaps the question here is whether it is socially
acceptable to have a certainty on any subject considering how certain
people are of things that are totally wrong.  Its like come to, in polite
society, one just doesn't DO that, have a certainty that is.

     If by dogmatic one means an unfailing rejection of other
beliefs different from my own that I find vile, full of evil and
self servingness, then yes I am dogmatic as any God of Truth would
expect me to be.

      I just don't see the way around being dogmatic.  As long as I
am willing to change my mind when the evidence points out that I
am wrong, then I also have the right to state firmly what I have attained
certainty on.

     If by not being dogmatic you mean open to new views and wider vistas,
I am all for it, but there arn't too many different ways to make jello.

     How many different views of Immortality can you have and all of them
be right?  Eventually one has to win out.  Except that there are many people
who cant stand the thought that one view might ever be right or accepted.

     I exist, even if you think I don't.  If that is dogma, then
we should all worship dogma.

     As for Christianity, there are many people who claim to be Christian,
who say that my attacks on their religion are unfair as I present only a one
sided view of that religion, a side that they do not themselves hold.

     They seem to consider that they are in the majority of Christians,
to which I can only answer, not in my neck of the woods.

     I can not accept any religion that says that another died for my sins,
that we can only be saved THROUGH another, that God MADE us, that we did
not have any say so in our placement in this universe or Earth, or that
people are inherently bad, imperfect and not able to perfect themselves
by their own hand (with some help perhaps from their friends.)

     The view that we are totally responsible for our condition and the
condition of all others too is an absolute position that accepts no
compromise with its basic assertion, YOU DID IT and YOU CHOSE.

     As for dogma, you can not get any more dogmatic than total

     Of course the position of total responsibility is 100 percent
co-blasphemous with Christianity, unless there are books in the Bible
I have not read.

     Any religion that tells you you were made out of nothing by
someone else, for someone else's purpose, and that your fate is in
that someone else's hands or under the jurisdiction of that someone
else's law or rules, is trying to con you into handing over your money
to a corrupt enterprise.

     Adore would tell you you were not made, you have existed forever,
and will continue to exist forever, and can not do anything but exist
forever as you are what exists.  Along with an infinite number of other
independant you's all connected by source.

     You choose to choose, and you choose to choose more, and all choose
that others should also be with them and choose too.  One gigantic
semi eternal mutual hand shake.

      You create games and universe to play in, you are motivated by
cool, class, halcyon, sin-song, thrill and romance, and that operating
sovereignty is the basis and underlying core of your being and can not
be changed or degraded or destroyed in any way.

      Adore also teaches that Majesty is the impulse of the Imp Soul
towards Practical Jokes, and through operating the sovereign desire that
desire not be sovereign for a while, proceeds with a game where in it
can seem like the soul had nothing to do with anything and where one's
final fate is the grave as worm food.

     However Majesty is born of such class as to make you sign songs of sin
forever for free.  Sin is sin-song.  Sin-song is singing another 'source
done wrong' song.  Sin-song is not sin, as long as it is just song.

     Sin therefore is BELIEVING FOR REAL the various lies of the empire,
thus creating a break with source and an abyss that most never escape.
Well almost never.

     However Adore also teaches that this game continues because of
PRESENT TIME CAUSE being unwittingly exercised by the very soul stuck
in his dream, and that the soul can change his working postulates and
thus cease proceeding with any game he is damn well tired of including
having any game at all.

     Adore also teaches that miracle is the undreamed dream come true.
You ARE a God, and so is everyone else, and you chose and you can change it.

     I know the more honest of you want proof.

 Homer               Adore-l list         9/01/89*In regards to the forwarding