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Date:         Tue, 05 Sep 89 20:36:35 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      Re: Homer
To:           Adore-l list 
In-Reply-To:  Message of Tue, 5 Sep 89 09:32:01 EDT from 

>> Either we are Immortal or we are not.
>What's "immortal".  Using undefined terms makes the question undefined.
>Is "immortal" "a long long time", "as long as you want", or what?

     Immortal means FOREVER.

> > Either we chose to be here or we did not.
>You can chose, but chose from a misunderstanding. Example:  Do you want to
>go to XETSGFE?  You say yes, and I send you to South Africa.  Did you
>chose to be there?
     Not only did you chose to be here under a misunderstanding of
what here really was, you also chose to create and place in your dream
the person who intentionally misled you, and before that you chose
to create the here you ended up in KNOWING FULL WELL WHAT IT WAS and
then chose to not know full well what it was so that the person
you claim you had nothing to do with could mislead you into 'choosing'
to be here.

     Total responsibility knows no compromise and is absolute in
its conception.  It may be a wrong view, but it certainly is not
an unclear or ambiguous view.

     Total responsibility does NOT include your existance in general
as you have always existed and had no choice in the matter.
Nor does it include your general abilities as they too are part of
your Immortal heritage.

     However all created mechanical conditions of existance which includes
all dream space time matter and energy and co communication with other beings,
and all of the abilities you have taken away from yourself, were all
self chosen with full responsibility and awareness of the consequences.

     The view may be wrong.  Our lives are monuments to its dubitability.

> >Either Christ died on the Cross at the hands of men for the sins of men
>            or he did not.
>The thought suddenly is not the deed?  This does not agree well with some of
>your other mailings...
     Thoughts can not contradict themselves.  Once the thought is made that
something is, it is not sufficient to merely reverse ones mind and say
it isn't.  This is because we said it should be this way.  If you wish
a universe were the thought is the deed you can have one, but in this
one, you must make things twice to have it vanish.  Then you can postulate
anything you desire.   In this universe the way in is the way out.

     Whether or not Christ died on a cross at the hands of men is
a problem in historical fact and is not up for dispute here.  It may or
may not have happened.  I know people who claim to be able to
connect to the Akashic Record level of consciousness wherein all
history is stored, and they say it did not happen.

     What is up for dispute here is whether Jesus was the one and only
Son of God and whether the spilling of his blood could save the souls
on Earth or anywhere.

    We are all 'Sons of God' and only taking full responsibility
for ones forgotten past can save our souls.
The basic sin is to forget.  To not know.  It is an effort to
attain a higher state called Native State which is also a state
of Not Know, but that's because nothing has yet been made manifest
by the being, for the being.

     Once a being has made something and denied responsibility for it,
and then chosen to forget it in the hope it will go away, he is
on a downward spiral on his way to being eaten by what scares him.

     If you make a big nasty spider and run away from it, it will
come after you.  You are making it, of course you cant get far enough
away from it.  If you try to make nothing out of the spider by building
heavy black walls around it so you cant see it and you cant remember it,
then it will seem like it is gone for a while, but a million life times
later your entire consciousness consists of a million heavy black boxes
containing unspeakalbe horrors inside them.  You can't imprison something
without continuously supporting the walls of the prison.

     After a while a person's whole personality and all of their energy
consists of supression of things they do not want to know.

     The way to vanish the spider is to make it again.  Push the button
once and it stays down.  Push it one more time and it comes back up.

     In fact make the spider and run away from it and HAVE it come after
you.  Practice at this is practice at the basic underlying mechanism of

> >Either God exists or he does not.
>What's "God".  He may, or may not, or may for some, or may be other than
>what you are referring to.
     'God' is what ever we consider MADE US.  Since we are Immortal,
Immutable and Perfect, we were never made by anyone or anything, thus
under that definition there is no 'God'.

     However Godhood is a valid operating state for all beings (except
Christians), and as such exists for everyone.

     Further there are many beings in a more advanced state of existance
both with and without bodies who might be considered gods of their various
realms and at the top of the hierarchy is a supremem being of this Universe.

      However this Supreme Being is probably not the being who 'authored'
this universe, and I believe that Supreme Being is a post of sorts, that
beings advance up into before they leave this universe for good.

     One might ask how beings can be totally responsible for a universe
authored by someone else.

 Homer               Adore-l list         9/05/89*Homer