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     What you should do is make the spider, run away from it,
have it come after you the more you run away from it, put all sorts
of black walls around it and hide it away forever as if it didn't happen.

     Only do it KNOWINGLY.  Dont go say 'Spider, what spider?  Who me?'

     Of course practice that too.  But KNOWINGLY.

     Its all a matter of how far you are willing to go.

     The day you are willing to become what you are, you will be
able to slowly unravel it.

     SLOWLY is the key word here.  You don't want to become Bat Man
over night.

     Also notice the wording.  ...willing to BECOME what you are, not
willing to BE what you are.

     Its fine for you to say well I am me and thats fine but it won't free you,
or get you anywhere because you are saying you are you and thats just
the way things are, or the way god or your mother made you etc.
Its being an effect, a product, a way things just are.

     BECOME on the other hand involves CAUSE, CAUSING yourself
to BECOME as you are (or were before you started wising up.)

     The more you practice this, becoming what you are, the more you
become what you were BEFORE you became what you are.

     You start off as a God, all knowing and all powerful in your own
universe, and anyone else's universe that grants you the key.

     You MAKE yourself ignorant, very painful this, especially letting
go of the effort.  And when you relax it sticks, it doesn't just go away.
That's PERSISTANCE.  Tricky eh?  Push the button down and it STAYS down.
Holy wizard's, Batman, what do I do now?  Push it again, Robin.

     It didn't HAVE to work this way, you MADE it work this way.

     You said 'Anything I make will persist until I make it again including
this rule.'

     Actually you didn't say 'including this rule' but it got included
in the 'Anything' you put at the beginning of the sentence and YOU KNEW THIS
although only fleetingly.

     People got sick of things persisting after a while and got sick
of the rule, but FAILED TO MAKE THE RULE AGAIN, so got totally stuck
with the rule forever more.  Too dumb to see their way out.  (Actually
its was a ploy to keep the universe around for a little longer, it
kept vanishing on them before they wanted it to because it was just too
damn obvious how it all worked.)

     So everything people made got stuck ON, persisted like crazy.
They couldn't sweep the house clean, the universe just kept filling
up with junk piled upon junk.  It kept pouring back in their back windows.

     So they stopped creating.  They WANTED to vanish what they had already
created, erase the blackboard and write something new, but they forgot
how to erase the blackboard (write over again exactly what was there)
and soon the blackboard was so full that there was no more room to write
and so they all stopped writing as a solution to an over crowed blackboard.

     Being a human body, being IN a human body, believing in the Devil
and God and living once and all the trash you can imagine are all just
ways spirits have of making sure they don't create anything yet
keep moving.

     Some spirits decided that the way to stop creating was to create
something VERY VERY BAD, feel guilty about it, and thus prove to themselves
that they were bad guys and so be able to motivate themselves to stop
creating that way.

     True enough, get some people up to where they can create again, and
they will slime you all over the floor.

     Its unclear to me if they did this to themselves only because
the universe was too full of junk, or if spirits indulge in this
sort of self limitation just for the fun of it or for a game's sake.

In any case, its all just a ploy, mostly they are
very afraid of PERSISTANCE.  Who cares what you create if you can
vanish it a moment later.  You see it is not WHAT you did that bothered
you, it was the fact that it was FOREVER, which was a lot of crazy bulldink,
as the real cause of the persistance was people just not reoperating their
own dumb little rule the right way again.

     All well its all designed with great intelligence.

     No surprises and no foolishness.
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