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Date:         Wed, 06 Sep 89 22:26:24 EDT
From:         homer 
Subject:      Re: This is rather ironic, actually
To:           Disarmament Discussion List ,
In-Reply-To:  Message of Tue, 22 Aug 89 14:21:00 EDT from 

>different perspective. Suppose that this list were a world and that the "big
>three" were (for whatever reasons) the superpowers? The rest of us wind up just
>sitting on the sidelines watching the world situation deteriorate. Wouldn't YOU
>be expecting armed conflict to break out at any moment?
     No, in fact I wouldn't.  The more a person can take the flaming
the more respect I have for him even if his views differ.  It is when
people refuse to let each other express themselves verbally as they
see fit (how DARE you say that about MY HOLY RELIGION) that people
shut up and turn to arms.

     Children who are not allowed to express their hostility verbally
go lower on the tone scale to unexpressed resentment and eventually
to covert hositilty where in wars really start.

     Those who can not stand open verbal volleys are well below even
that down in FEAR.  They tremble at anything that moves, even words.

     Dimitri, Homer and Swett are getting along just fine.  If we have
cracked the nailpolish on some of our readers well they can always
redo their nails.

 homer               Disarmament Discuss  9/06/89*This is rather ironic, actual