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Date:         Thu, 07 Sep 89 00:09:42 EDT
From:         Homer 
To:           Disarmament Discussion List ,
In-Reply-To:  Message of Thu, 31 Aug 89 09:53:54 EDT from 

>>      Undoubtedly a militant atheist is one who considers most if not all
>> forms of religions to be vile and unearthly forms of brainwashing, designed
>> to enslave people and enrich the enslavers.
>Well, Isn't this  "brainwashing...enslaving..." the truth?  Isn't
>this the reason for the origins of organized religion, to control in
>the name of God?

     Yes and no.  In my view Dust in the Wind is also an organized
religion that has come to be usefull to those who would enslave
you in the name of NO GOD.  Don't you see?

     All religions in my view START out with good intentions by
people who have true vision.  After they are gone, they are quickly
warped into an effort to enslave the masses.

     Religion means science of realization.  Knowing how to know and
how to make real.  It becomes degraded to worship or idolization of
some supreme other who made us and who will punish us if we do not obey.

     Since I remember a hefty chucnk of my past few hundred thousand
years (all of it nasty) I cant claim to be an atheist anymore, but
I would still like to zap Christians for fun if it were legal.
They have done the most to prevent me from remembering my own past,
and telling me I was insane for remembering my own memory, and they
tell me I have to repent of my sins, but most of my sins happened
a few thousand years before they say the Earth was even invented, so
how can I own up to them.  Assholes, one and all.

>I am a confirmed atheist, and I understand the political aspects
>of organized religion well. But I'm not MILITANT because I
>think this way. Rather, I'm very patient with believers, understanding
>the fulfillment of their needs, and understanding that they are
>harmless and unaware of their being controlled.

     How you can consider them harmless is beyond me.  You are also
unaware of being controlled as you have no memory of your past
lives and no ability to decide your future ones.
Yet you think you are the sane one, no?

>I think you're referring to fanaticism and fundamentalism, i.e.,
>martyrdom in fighting the holy wars or for holy causes. Can you
>provide examples of atheists killing religious fanatics in the
>act of "militant atheism?"

     Well, atheists tend to value their lives here and now because
they don't believe in a just reward after wards.
So they tend to chicken out at the last moment.  Most militant
ahteists are also militant chickens.

     People often say how they are conscientious objects because
they believe in God.  Actually a militant ahteist is a CO because
he does NOT believe in God.

     But secretly and in day dreams I wouldn't mind killing a few
Christians for Christ.  I mean they are despicable scum with their
Earth was made 6000 years ago and I am going to hell because I don't
buy their party line crap.

     I mean CHRIST doesn't want anything to do with them.

     CHRIST KNEW we had past lives and taught such.  But it got
struck out of the printing presses a few hundred years ago and
since then we have been in a religious dark ages, only recently
replaced by a Dust in the Wind darker age.

 Homer               Disarmament Discuss  9/07/89 No subject