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Date:         Thu, 07 Sep 89 00:25:50 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      Christians and violence.
To:           disarm-l@albnyvm1,

     I guess the reason why I feel all this violence towards
Christians is because I blame them for quite a number of acts
of violence against myself and others.

     I blame them for wanting to jail pot smokers, Christians
are all god damn alcoholics with their wine into blood bullshit
and pot tends to raise ones consciousness to where one can see
through the alcohol religion that Christianity has become.

     I blame them for the war in Vietnam and instigating the draft and
for the insanity of the Armed forces, as the Bible is the accepted
rag in the Armed forces.  Christians feel it is right to kill
heathen people, especially communists.  Not all Christians of course,
I am a Christian too, but all the ones that count.

     I blame them wanting to jail women who want abortions, which
comes directly from their assinine belief that we ARE our bodies
which we ain't.

     Bodies is bodies, spirits are spirits, spirits take bodies over
after birth.  JAILING people because they do not follow your code of
morals is the kind of violence that Christians are good at.

     So my feelings are not based on nothing.  They may all be mis
directed, but I cant see mortals being so gungho about war and Heaven,
nor about abortion, nor about smoking pot.  Its CHRISTIANS who
cause all this trouble.  Christians and their god damn alcohol.

     They are very well hated by a very large number of people and they
know it, but they have it all justified as the devil and all that.
It is a legalized form of sickness.  I know Dimitri would out law
religion, but I would make drugs legal and religion legal and end
the draft forever (or draft women too) and let women do what they want
with their fetuses.  I would also give children a bill of rights,
and a whole mess of other things that the ChRISTIANS just roll over
in their graves about.

     Look I know there are a lot of good Christians out there,  and
I am somewhat sorry if I am pissing you off with my flagrant generalizations,
and sweeping condemnation of your (our) religion, but there is a whole
mess load
of you out there that really are more trouble than you are worth.

     The world was not made 6000 years ago and there is endless
amounts of intelligent life on other planets, I KNOW, I REMEMBER so fuck
you, and it is just not going to work you trying to run this plaent with
your 6000 year mentality and your Earth is the only one to have life,
and people go to hell forever for free and on and on.  Life is bigger
than that.  I am bigger than that.  God is bigger than that.

     If there is a God, I assure you He will save everyone.  Even
Dimitri, me and Swett.

 Homer               disarm-l@albnyvm1    9/07/89 Christians and violence.