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Date:         Thu, 07 Sep 89 22:54:15 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      Cornell Daily Sun
To:           disarm-l@albnyvm1,

     In today's Daily Sun, the student newspaper, there was the following
politcal cartoon by Eli Valley '82.

     Bush is on TV addressing the public on drugs and the balloons say,

     'I'm sure you're wondering how we can afford the 78 billion without
raising taxes or cutting defense.  Well, that's a good question no matter
who you are - Democrat or Republican.  I've outlined a plan to raise money
the old-fashioned way.  By selling drugs.  Now I know you're probably
worried about what this implies, but forget it; here's the rub:
We only sell to inner city vermin and scum that are addicted and won't
help themselves anyway.  Then we execute them.'

 Homer               disarm-l@albnyvm1    9/07/89 Cornell Daily Sun