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Date:         Fri, 08 Sep 89 13:15:26 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      RE: Cornell Daily Sun
To:           "Charles A. Lyons" ,
In-Reply-To:  Your message of Fri, 8 Sep 89 07:54 EDT

>   That editorial is disgusting - my initial reaction.
>   Is his proposal truly that bad that such ridicule is justified?
>- Charles Lyons

     One can argue the wisdom of making drugs illegal because you
think that they are bad for people.  But there are serious allegations
that the government has been selling cocaine and heroin to its own
population for a long time to raise money for arms.  To some people
the whole idea of making drugs illegal, although couched in terms of
moral indignation at their destructiveness, really gets its birth from an
effort to drive their prices up, wipe out the competition and then sell
them yourself in order to make a higher profit.

     Most people feel that this kind of deceit on the part of our US
government is out of the question.  However I have personally seen
stories on TV that were quickly squelched that indicated that it is
true and wide spread.

     Further the making of drugs illegal is SO STUPID one can only
surmise that the people in government must know better and thus of
course they have a hidden agenda to making them illegal.

     I find it interesting that the very people who are held
responsibile for DOING something about the drug problem are by law not
allowed to have EVER done the drug, so they are fighting something
they have zero personal understanding of.  A higher monument to
hypocrisy could not be built.

 Homer               Charles A. Lyons     9/08/89*Cornell Daily Sun