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Date:         Sat, 09 Sep 89 18:59:13 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      old mail
To:           adore-l@ualtavm

>How the hell did you know what God thinks?                             lf?
>Do you claim to be GOD himself?
>Don't fool yourself!

     We are each a Divine Sovereign Being, an Omni Operating
Lord God Almighty, a Creator playing Creature.

     What is a Lord God Almighty?
     When you see one, you go 'Lord God Almighty!'

     The Creator  can become the Creature at will.
     The Creature can become the Creator  at will.

     The way to become the Creator is to
     Become the Creator becoming the Creature.

     Practice becoming the Creature IS practice BEING the Creator.

     It is not my position to PROVE the Adorian View.  Merely to
state it and let others do with it as they please.

     In the Adorian View, all beings, Gods and Creatures alike,
are of the same heritage and in fact only differ by measure of
attainment.  Godhood is both the Heritage and the Destiny of us all.

     Thus since I (or you) would not create a universe where there
was a Hell forever, it must follow that the present God (or Gods)
of this system did not either.

     If He had, I doubt no one would have agreed to join.

     We did agree, and forgot, in order to be better able to            re.
play Creature.

     But that is merely a view.  It is true however.

     PROVING it however is a matter of remembering forgetting joining.
     Accomplishing that is a matter of forgetting it some more, until
     you remember it.

     The Door opens, by closing it.
     The button is released by pushing it down AGAIN.

     Check out the ALPHA LOCK key on your terminal.

     People who believe in Blaspheme actually believe they can
piss God off by doing something.  You can not piss God off.
God loves you.  He has all of eternity to give you every chance
you need to love Him back, to love others and to become like Him
yourself.  He too went though such a cycle.

     For some though, it will be a LONG time.

     Underlying Creators and Creatures is Source.  Source is
not a Being.  Source is the Ground of Beings.  Source does
not DO anything.  BEINGS do things.  But they get their ability
from Source.

 Homer               adore-l@ualtavm      9/09/89 old mail