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Date:         Sat, 09 Sep 89 21:54:49 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      Re: past lives
To:           adore-l@ualtavm,
In-Reply-To:  Your message of Sat, 22 Apr 89 12:48:35 est

>  I have just started reading a book called _Your_Past_Lives_ by Michael
>Talbot.  I was wondering if you've read this book, and if you have any idea
>how good/accurate it is?  Leafing through through it, I don't see any mention
>of there being a difference between the spirit and body.  I feel that he is
>talking about the spirit's past lives....

     I have never read the book, but I will look for it.

     One presumes that there is a difference between spirit and body
if the spirit has had past lives.  On the other hand the body seems
to have many lives spanning back to bugs in the sea, so its unclear
when people recount all these amazing things whether they are talking
about their own past lives or the body's.

     In the first place the body's past lives seem to be easier to
remember.  They are familiar, homey and relate to Earth.  The spirit
on the other hand has only been on Earth for a while and before that
was involved in many wild and wooly civilizations beyond our wildest

     Further the circumstances of our banishment to Earth are unpleasant
and not suitable for polite company, therefore talking about the body's past
lives seems to be the socially safe thing to do.
>  He starts off by talking about people who have solved present problems
>through going back and seeing that the problem started in another life.  I
>have read a few aricles stating this idea and was wondering about your view
>(or anyone elses) on this assertion.

      A problem consists of two counter opposed intentions.  These intentions
can either be your own, or between two people.  To the degree that people
are fucked up they are unable to resolve the conflicting
intentions and end up pushing as hard as they are pulling or reaching
with their elbows so to speak.  Thus they fail or at least never win,
and end up in frustration and quandry.

     The primary event that can screw up a being is having an unwanted
withhold.  This is when you doing something either intentionally or
accidentally and then later wish you hadn't.  Usually there is some
regret and an effort to turn time back which fails, and then there
is the consideration that you should not iELL anyone about it.
Eventually the being fails to tell himself about it, and many lifetimes
later you find him say 'What past life?'

     There are also various self limiting efforts that take away
abilities so that the bad action can not happen again all of which
arise because the soul has become afraid of its own CAUSE, ability
to cause.

     In a later life the soul with such a withhold and unresolved
regret can meet up with the being they wronged, and end up accepting
an inordinate amount of abuse from that being because their
past track guilt makes them feel like they owe it or they deserve it.
People often marry under these conditions.

     If the prior wrong had not been committed the being would
not accept such abuse from the other being and would be done with it.
They certainly would not marry them.

>  One thing which I am having a hard time believing is where the statement:
>"Fiore states:  'I now find that almost all patients with chronic weight
>excess of ten pounds or more have had a lifetime in which they either starved
>to death or suffered deprivation for long periods."

     Almost every GE (genetic entity, the bodies 'spirit') has had many
lifetimes of dying of every possible circumstance and abuse from the
physical universe.  Drought, famine, volcanoes, earthquakes, plague,
black panthers, spiders, snakes, you name it, the body has bought it.

     Remember that, unless you are a Christian, the body's memory
goes back billions of years through all the forms it evolved up through.
Each event is clearly recorded for anyone to view, if they have opened
the channells and have the courage.  (I don't)

     Thus there is every conceivable kind of death and birth and
everthing in between to be found in the body memory.

     In fact the body has grown evolutionarily BECAUSE of all the times
it was eaten killed or destroyed by the physical universe or other bodies.
For example it appears that early jelly fish were repeatedly killed
by being slapped up against the walls of cliffs on new shores, and over
time the endless numbers of memories (death memories) that had sold rock
in them got the jelly fish to develope a shell and it became a crab.

     The idea here is to go into the winning valence, become like what
killed you.  Each memory has the valences of everyone (thing) in the memory at
the time of death and the winning valence is what was surviving best
at the moment of death (not you).  Usually the winning valence is what
killed you.  So by going out of valence, by becoming what got you
in the memory, you become a winner too.

     Thus the body uses all of its memories of how it died in order to
design a new and more survivable body.  Of course this mechanism does not
take place through the genes as this memory is a spirit memory and has
little to do with the MECHANICAL aspects of biochemical evolution which
is why these ideas would be laughed out of any serious scientific symposium
on evolution.

     Only a personal experience (which I do not have) of the body's
memory track back into the sea would validate these ideas.
Rest assured though that if the body DOES have a trans lifetime
memory, it is full of death and birth and the circumstances
surrounding them.

     Further if a body death should come into present time restimulation
for what ever reason, you can be sure that the present body will feel like
shit and probably want to die as soon as possible.

     I personally have run out memories of starvation that go back many
millions of years, but I would suspect they are spirit memories of being
in bodies that died, and not body memories.  Some of them are definitely
not Earth or Earth events.

     One particularly bad kind of death is when you are in some prisoner
of war camp and they arn't feeding you, and you are slowly starving to
death and you are 15 minutes away from dying of hunger and the guards
come and take you out back and shoot you.

     You can spend hours trying to get this memory to resolve as a starvation
death in a long line of deaths by starvation until you realize that this
memory really was a death by shooting.

     Memories tend to come in chains of similar happenings.  All death
memories are on one chain.  Within that chain are other chains, like
starvation, execution, hanging, freezing, being eaten (thats a big one),
eating something else and getting eaten from the inside by the bugs that
were on its back,
dying in a nuclear war, getting shot in the dark etc.

My problem I'm having
>with this statement is the number of overweight parents which have overweight
>kids and the "proof" that being overweight can be genetic.

     A lot of insanity and spiritual turmoil are directly contagious
from parent to child.  The parent is crazy because of their relationship
to their own parents, and they do to their child what was done to them.
Thus eyeglasses are apprently genetic, but are almost strictly psychosomatic.
The child is devoted to not seeing just what the parent isn't seeing either.
Of course the parent may not have eyeglasses, they may be too gone to
be able to support having an operating aberration like that, but the
child who still has some life left will have very thick glasses.

      Of course all psychosomatic conditions are enforced replays of
memories when the body really had that condition.  So that although
70 percent of all cancer is psychosomatic (brought on by suppressed
fear and hate) it is a replay of past track times the body really had
cancer from eating radium or something similar.

      It is perfectly posssible that some eyesight problems and over
weight problems are genetic, but when you see a whole rolly polly
family of little fat people, check out their emotional health
especially on the subjects of sex, violence, and personal responsibility
for being on Earth.

     If after they can leave their bodies and choose or not choose their
next body at will they continue to stay fat or whatever then probably
the body has a genetic condition.

     But mostly eyesight and colds and hayfever and allergies and pimples
and weight problems stem directly from super suppression of bitter hope,
and other nice topics like that, and with a considerable amount of
investigation and a sizable investment of courage from the being involved,
can be cleaned up forever.

     I say forever, because most of the problems you will find in this
life have their genesis in past lives and have plagued the being
ever since.  If you clean it up completely, they will learn
a powerful lesson and probably will not backslide in future lives.

How does all this
>fit into starving to death sometime before.  Does this mean that a spirit
>(assuming that's what he's talking about) who has starved before goes looking
>for a body that is going to be overwieght.  That's a little too much for me.

     No.  As I said all bodies have death memories of starvation.
Probably all spirits do too as they have had bodies for a very long
time under some pretty weird conditions.

     What it means is that somewhere in the relationship between parent
and child, (or government and child or ...) this death memory of starvation
has gone into replay and has served some usefull purpose for the moment
but later becomes a nuisance.  Constant restimulation of a starvation
memory will lead to constant hunger and a slowed metabolism both of which
are normal to a hungry body.  Just a few extra colories a day will cause
the body to get fat over a period of a few years.  One would have to run
out (by reoperation) the reasons for the restimulation of that particular
death memory  and then run out the original occurrance of the death
memory itself.

     To run out means to get the being to consciously create the events
over again in his mind until he can make them at will.  This takes courage,
cognition and confront, but once it is done, these memories are no longer
super charged with loss fear and anger, and can not impinge unwillingly
on the spirit.

     The child had to USE these events to get stuck with them.  Thus
he was not motivated to run them out.  After many years of doing the
wrong thing and being an effect to all these unpleasant things, the
child really and truely believes he had nothing to do with them being
there.  He has forgotten when he forgot that he chose to USE it once
or twice.  Even a mild HOPE of it serving some purpose would be in
a direction opposite to running the memory out and thus being rid
of it for good.

>  Off the subject of the book, on the skeptics list (I don't know if you're
>still on it) I believe that they are talking about past life regression (I'm
>still behind on my mail and have just a couple of their messages).  We had a
>hypnotist come here (he come here every year) and do this to a few people.
>Two years ago he did something a little different, instead of looking into
>a person's past he decided to have the person predict what his/hers future
>would be.  Is there any way of getting own's spirit or body to go into the
     The subject of future lives is very strange to me except in the sense
that the entire world is in some sense already created and merely being
lived by most people.  However for those who can raise above the
apparencies of present time it is said they can alter their
future if they chose and are able to.

     I has also been said that guilt in the future can cause trouble
in the present and even result in the very event that caused the guilt
up the track.

     Thus justice comes full circle.

     Thats a joke.

 Homer               Atlanta Bound! (Fel  9/09/89*past lives