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Date:         Thu, 14 Sep 89 01:18:07 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      Re: This is rather ironic, actually
To:           Disarmament Discussion List ,
In-Reply-To:  Message of Fri, 8 Sep 89 21:13:00 EDT from 

>That's sort of implying that there are such things as souls, isn't it? Belief
>in a soul (or even existence of it) isn't the cure-all for anything.

     Belief in anything is not a cure all for anything, it is in fact
probably the source of most everythings you would like to cure.

     However I would suggest that you can SEE your soul, it is YOU,
not something that you have, and that some people in not having
had that recognition that they ARE a soul are all the worse for it.

>>     The biggest religious bigot of all is their own god damn God.
>No. Just those who attempt to interpret his/her/its words.

     You are implying that if His words were interpreted 'correctly'
that there would be no bigotry in His message.

     How do you know this?  I have read many words in the Bible that
are bigoted as Hell.  The basic one being between sinners and the righteous.
The next between those have have accepted Christ into their hearts and
those who haven't and wont.  (me)

>Wrong. (Or at least it wasn't the interpretation that I meant to convey). How
>about "Homer might want to discuss disarmament but somehow or other always
>manages to bring Adore into this to muddy waters that are already sufficiently

     Adore as ADORE is merely a silly name I give to a system of ideas
that are widely held in other parts of the land and which I happen to
be recently finding to be totally on the mark.

     I have lived before.  Proving it to you is of no concern to me.

     I am trying to demonstrate that there is another philosophy in the
land besides 'sinners go to Hell, I cant wait for Ammegeddon', or 'we are
all meat and go to the grave'.  Our approaches to people and why they do
things bad depends directly on our world view.  If you thought that
someone had a few million years of things behind him you would approach
his insanity in a different way than if you thought he had just lived but
once and was a genetic defect.

     For exmaple if the Dust in the Wind view or the God made me view
are right, then executing criminals might be a good idea.  It either
kills them or sends them to a justly deserved Hell that is growing cold
for want of flesh to burn.

     On the other hand if the Immortal view is correct, then executing
criminals just frees them to go out and grab another baby body.
More than likely the baby body of the least suspecting, mortals and
Bible thumpers.

     Just consider it before you reject it in your God awful wisdom.
>(sarcastic comment): "We could start with scouring you and see if that helps"
>(Return to normality): I don't think it takes either "guts" or "courage" to
>discuss trivia.

     The fact that you should think that any single word I have said
on this list is 'trivia' is amazing to me.

     I write from my heart, I am trying to waste no one's time, I consider
that this world is on the brink, and worse is filled with people who
wish it would go over the brink, including me, and for someone to
consider my postings trivia means either I am WAY off the mark or that they

>I think it just shows that _individual_ religions are best contained in
>separate subjects (ADORE-L, BELIEF-L, and probably more too numerous to

     This is a sign of your own personal attitudes about religion, namely
that they are somewhat unimportant in the scheme of things.  That they
neither cause much evil nor will ever cause much good.

     This is a judgement call.  I would say that religions are seminal
in causing the strife on this planet and will be seminal in ending it.

     If this is somehow a socially impolite view to take or embarrassingly
naive then I can not help you.

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