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Date:         Thu, 14 Sep 89 02:04:00 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      Re: RE:RE: A few quick questions for Homer
To:           Adore-l list 
In-Reply-To:  Message of Tue, 12 Sep 89 15:47:00 CDT from 

     I am answering postings out of order so do not fret if an earlier
one is being ignored.  It is not.

>>     What I am waiting for is some proof that I am wrong.
>Why ???

     You take me too seriously.  I am not WAITING for anything to
start talking about proof except perhaps my own readiness and ABILITY
to do it.  People are asking me to PROVE to them they are a GOD, yet
THEY were the ones in this theory that hid it from themselves.  Then
they laugh at ME when I cant deliver THEM from THEIR PIT.

     However proof always comes from inside.  When you can get out
of your body you will know.

     In the meanwhile many people still think they are sure the
external universe exists when indeed they have no certainty
on it at all and don't realize it.

     They have to come to the realization that

    1.)  They do not know if the external world exists or is just
a large co synchronized projection in consciousness,

    2.)  They HOPE it is a projection and LOOK FORWARD to the day
they have the PROOF they so desire.

    3.)  They refuse upon penalty of DEATH AND PAIN to BELIEVE ANYTHING
that they can not obtain a PERFECT CERTAINTY on.

     Once these three factors are in on a being, they are ready to
start looking at the evidence.

     If they don't have any contact with perfect certainty they will
have no vision to see with.

     If they WISH to be meat and live but once, they do not have
the desire to see with.

     If they think they have ample evidence that the external universe
does exist and is not a projection in consciousness, then they have no
integrity to see with.

     One can come to a perfect DOUBT about the matter on one's own.
Its called cleaning up your own room, getting your personal integrity
in tact.

     Personal integrity is knowing only what you are certain of and
nothing more.  Being certain you are certain and being certain you
are uncertain.  And being right about it too.

     There is NO evidence of the physical universe other than the
outrageousness of the rape of our lives that has taken place.

     It is an EMOTIONAL decision that this place is just TOO BAD
to have been made by anything intelligent or living.

     Of course SOURCE/CONSCIOUS UNIT/DREAM MACHINE was not made by
anything, but everything IN the dream was.

>>     Every Great One has warned not to let the power knowledge fall
>>into the hands of enemies.
>>     Openly discussing these subjects on ADORE-L could get me into
>>a heap of trouble with any number of groups who work with this
>Oh, is this why you are waiting for proof that you are wrong ?

     No.  It would be reason to wait about discussing anything at all.
Between the Christians who hate me for blasphemeing their religion,
to the mortals who hate me for thinking we are all gods, to the Immortals
how hate me for stirring things up with the first two, I am not well
appreciatated.  Thus I do this alone although there are many who would
dearly love my cooperation and my silence.

>Give credence yes, not allot of stories though.  No fear of ridicule..
>Were still assimilating, it is kinda sad that it may go on for eternity.

     What is sad? That you may have to wait forever to find something
out with certainty, or you just cant stand the thought of existing
forever?  Had time enough for love yet?  Will you ever?

     Dont like the world you are in?  This one wont last forever.
You can have what ever you want.  You wanted this one for a while.
That is why it is here.  But this one is a bit much..

>Humm, have you read any Kirshnamurti ??  If so, what did you think of
>his, well sort of lack of philosophy ?

     In my early days when I was gungho with others writings, I read
a lot of different people, K was among them.

     Although it did not save my soul,
it lead me to a higher path than the one I had been on
until then.
>>     Kind of a sad theory to feel you are in the hands of something
>>that feels no pain.
>Why is this sad ??  Don't get me wrong, I'm not a Dust in the Winder..

     It would be out of place for me to say it was sad for YOU, but
I would assume that others feel just as I do.  The external universe
is a cold hard DEAD unverse that runs (if it is out there, which it ain't)
on FORCE and MASS.  It knows no pain or love, and does not care about
your miserable concerns about being immortal or taking care of people.
It would rather run you over with a volcano or a super nova.

     It may be beautiful in its mathematical austerity, but I found
that insufficient solace for facing the grave.   The external universe
is like a great big beautiful killing machine that creates people who
want to live forever, and then kills them.

>    Homer, what religious (ideals, exposure, thoughts, connections, etc..)
>did you have before Adore ??

     Can't you guess?

     I am/was a certifiable Dyed in the Wool Physicist, the primeval goo
was my origins and Dust in the Wind my fate.

     I was brought up by 'scientifically enlightened' parents who verged
around the world of Christianity but never fell for it.  However their
brand of scientific enlightenment was on the order of 'I am a computer chip,
made of meat and I have a mean time to failure of 76 years.  We really enjoy
Christmas but I have never been able to measure my soul on a meter so
I am not sure I have one.  But I might.  Presumably I will find out
when I am dead.  If I do that is.  If I don't I will never know.'

     Great.  Just great.  Real fun parents, you know what I mean?
And yeah, they are all dead.  Way before schedule.

     If was for my father that the following was written in ADORE.

     ...Some Adorians may also have a Myth.

     Long ago all were cast into the river of Hell.

     Some fell on an island and for ever more became Scientists of the Rock.

     Getting these people to own up to where they are,
     where they came from, and where the Hell they are going (nowhere)
     can be difficult.

 Homer               Adore-l list         9/14/89*RE:RE: A few quick questions