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Date:         Sun, 17 Sep 89 00:35:11 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      RE: RE:
To:           Disarmament Discussion List ,
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>Homer i don't agree that past lives exist nor do
>I agree that we need to recall them to solve any problems

     If you did agree that past lives exist, would you agree that
they would have to recalled to solve the mess on Earth?

     Do you think that a planet full of people who can't remember
yesterday in the scheme of things are fully operational enough to
a job well done on the planet?

     If you do not hold that FUTURE lives exist then THAT is
a problem you will never solve.  For nothing will ever make a being
really want to die, or accept the grave willingly.

     A planet full of mortals is a planet full of children on
death row, and I doubt you will find any peace or solution to any
woe on such a planet.  The people are too upset with their own fate
to do well to their surroundings.

>; for the most part curing poverty and hunger will cure
>social ills and this can be done,

     This you claim, but this you have not yet accomplished, nor will
you ever accomplish it in a mortal world.  The forces of mortality fire
the forces of greed, temptation, seduction, and corruption and as long
as those are well and alive, all your plans and devisings will be for nought,
as Dust in the Wind, along with your own bones.

     It is people's world view and their inherent dissatisfaction with it
that is the direct cause of their use and abuse of the environment.
People are treating the Earth like a psychotic child treats its own
possesions.  The child is psychotic from anger, fear and sorrow and
total irresponsibilty for having created the universe he lives in.

     The child fears death, as do all mortals (liars and bigger liars alike),
and in morbid fascination creates the very death he fears most.
By believing in his own death and the death of his loved ones, he creates
a nightmare of hate and sorrow on his own future time track that most
people spend all of their lives just trying to control and forget, deny or
drown (drugs.)

     Its going to be hilarious watching a world full of mortals trying to
handle the drug problem when drugs themselves give people a glimpse of
the very immortality they deny.  That is why they are addictive.

     The Immortals on this list know I am right and the only ones who
would question what I am saying are those who are mortal themselves,
those who say 'I live but once and LIKE it.'  Liars one and all.

      People who teach others that they are 'responsible' for their lives,
yet had no say so in CREATING the conditions they find themsevles in are trying
to bring those others down the tone scale to an enslaved confusion.

      That confusion being 'I am responsible but I didn't do it.'

     'I am fully responsible for my life, but I didn't chose to be

     'I am fully responsible for my life, but I did not chose my parents.
I did not pick them carefully and did not go ahead and enter their
childs body.'

     'I am fully responsible for my life, but someone else made the sun,
moon and stars and especially the Earth. '

     'I am fully responsible for my life, but I did not chose to be a kid.'

     'I am fully responsible for my life, but I did not make the laws that
existed at the time I was born.'

     'I am fully responsible for my life, but how I got here I don't know.'

     To a mortal responsiblity means only having to make the best of
a sorry situation.  To an Adorian it means CREATING the sorry situation and
THEN doing your best because you are 100 percent responsible for the
condition you find your self in at all times.

      We have all lived on Earth for a number of lifetimes and much of
our present misery is a direct result of what we did a few hundred years
ago, and we have all had a hand in the creation of this entire universe,
and our presence in it.

     Yes we are even responsible for the existance of mortals and
their god awfull lack of memory and sense of responsibility.  Also
their tendency to get god awful insulted when you point out their
total lack of responsibility for their existance.

     As a mortal ask yourself this one honest question.  Take a look
around you at EVERYTHING THAT EXISTS and ask yourself how much of
it did you have a hand in creating?  10 percent?  1E-99 percent?

     This is the responsibility level of a mortal.

     Adorians on the other hand recognize everything as their own
handiwork with a minor memory problem in the way of it all being

      People with THIS view, might have a chance to do something with
the mess the rest of the world is making.  The rest of the world with
their mortal views, or their 'God made me' views, are a joke and will
die in a joke.

>i take full
>responsbilility for who i am etc. and don't need
>a religion to hold on to.

     Your lack of religion IS a religion and your denial that it is
a religion is another religion.

     You hold on to your mortality with the fear of a new born lamb.
The eternal vistas of a wide open eternity cause you to shudder at the
enormity of your true responsibility and the immenseness of your destiny.

     The denial of Divinity is Divine and is recongized as such by those
who have evolved out of the meat ball stage of existance.
(Any one who takes more than 20 lifetimes to do this is a real loser.  I mean
how many times can you go to the grave and keep believing its true?)

     You fool yourselves and many others who nod their heads sagely
saying that Bob Ewing knows what he is talking about.

     But mortals will never bring peace to Earth nor health to our
atmosphere.  For every one who is trying there are 20 more of your own
kind (mortal) who would bury you.


     You can not take full responsibility for that which you claim
you had nothing to do with.  Either you chose your parents or
you didn't.  SAYING you are responsibile while in the same breath
saying you didn't DO it is a form of washing hogs.

     Mortals don't like people mentioning the aspect of total
unresponsibility that goes with their belief system.  They like to
be considered responsible.  But if you did something and say
you didn't this is the height of irresponsibility.  Even if you
DIDN'T do it, you still are not responsible for it.

     Thus mortals have to eventually own up and admit that there
are things they are not responsible for, namely which parents
they had, which planet they got born on, and which universe they
find themselves in.

     There entire life thrust is from the viewpoint that THEY DID NOT
START IT.  They find themselves born and try to do the best they can,
trying to exercise as much responsibility as they can over a condition they are
not responsibile for creating and probably would not have created if
if they had a choice.  Their responsibilty level is very low.  About as
low as it goes.

     Their trying to cope is admirable, but is none the less denying full
responsibility for causing the conditions they find themselves in
in the first place.  'I didn't CHOOSE to get born, now did I?'

     Fine, just admit in the same breath, 'I am not responsible
for being born nor the conditions of my birth, nor the universe
around me.'

     Actually not only did you CHOOSE to be born, you PAYED for

     Mortals often try to appear grown up by claiming they are
responsible and everything, but what they MEAN is 'I didn't cause it.'
So they have responsibility confused with 'I didn't cause it' or
'I have been placed in charge of it and now I have to be accountable
for it.'

     Getting a mortal to own up that he is denying responsibility for
his existance in space-time (spelled INTENTIONAL CONSCIOUS CHOICE TO BE HERE)
is like pulling teeth from a stone.

     They want the 'nom de plume' (I am responsible) but they don't
want the responsibility (I did it.)

     How can you be responsible for something you didn't do?

     If you didn't do it, how can you be responsible for it?

     Somebody else makes it, hands it to you and says 'Here YOU take
care of it!'?

     That's IRRESPONSIBILITY.  That may be TAKING CARE OF IT like a good
little boy and even doing a good job of it, but it certainly is not
being RESPONSIBLE FOR IT.  They guy who created it and handed it to you
was RESPONSIBLE for it.  You are merely taking care of it.  And taking
care of SOMETHING YOU DID NOT MAKE is about as irresponsible as you can get.

     If you didn't intentionally create and choose the conditions
of your birth and existance in this universe, then how can you
be responsible for it?

     Being responsible does not mean that people come to you when something
goes wrong, being responsible means you did it, knew you were doing it,
wanted to do it, and DID it.

     Responsible does NOT mean, 'I have no idea how I got here, but
now that I am here I will just have to be responsible!'

 Homer               Disarmament Discuss  9/17/89*RE: