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Date:         Sun, 17 Sep 89 17:21:27 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      RE: RE:
To:           Disarmament Discussion List ,
In-Reply-To:  Message of Sun, 17 Sep 89 11:41:00 -0330 from

This presents many problems but
>I believe that once we rectify the socio-economic
>conditions that create hunger, poverty and a sense of
>worthlessness we we resolve the difficulties; pollution
>is linked to an industrial culture that must consume
>material goods to survive; people have replaced their
>sense of worth and sense of place with the need to

     You say you can change this without changing their world view.
I say you cant.  The need to own comes from the need to own personal
immortality, and once that is denied through lies and trickery to
a person then they will go on an ownership binge trying to fill and
endlss hole with substitutes.

     Since they feel they live only one life and their main goal is
not to die in pain, they have no sense of responsibility for future
generations as they will not be around to suffer the consequences
of their actions.

     It has been said many times that absolute power corrupts
absolutely.  The most absolute power there is is the ability to
escape the consequences of ones actions.  Believing that you live
once and die is the ultimate in escape.

     I am not trying to convert YOU or anyone to being an ADORIAN,
I am trying to get you to realize that OTHER people need to have
their immortality returned to them.  YOU may not be an immortal,
but consider that others may be and they have lost sight of it.

     I AM an immortal and DID lose sight of it.

     It's effect on me was terrible.

     You mustn't limit your concept of other people by what you know
your own nature to be.  If I am right about some others (most) being
immortal and not knowing it, then Earth is in very hot water as these
people are on a course of self destruction that you perhaps have not
fathomed yet.

     I just don't want your good intentions to go to waste against of
a tide of destruction born of forces bigger than all of us.

     There is nothing like a planet full of pissed of gods to create

 Homer               Disarmament Discuss  9/17/89*RE: