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Date:         Sun, 17 Sep 89 17:34:28 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      RE: RE:
To:           Adore-l list 
In-Reply-To:  Message of Sun, 17 Sep 89 08:03:06 MDT from 

>What a pile of juvenile, egotistical, pseudo-intellectual
>bullshit!  And this bozo appears to have a penchant for
>cross-posting his droppings onto other lists, as well.
>"Homer", you are an embarrassment to the human community
>you purport to care so much about.

     I almost always cross post my DISARM-L letters to ADORE-L IF
it pertains to the Adorian philosophy.

     Your posting however is 100 percent content free.

     If you disagree with something I say, state specifically what it is,
and either state a counter view, or why you think my view is wrong.

     There are many people on this list who agree with your position,
and I am sure they would love to hear what you have to say.

     Flames are allowed on this list, you may call me names all you like,
but insults without content violates the 50 percent rule.

 Homer               Adore-l list         9/17/89*RE: