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Date:         Sun, 17 Sep 89 17:44:11 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      Re: This is rather ironic, actually
To:           Disarmament Discussion List ,
In-Reply-To:  Message of Thu, 14 Sep 89 09:28:00 EDT from 

>No, Homer. My soul is NOT _me_. _I_ am me. I happen to be a collection of
>biochemical reactions that, at some point in it's development, became
>self-aware and started to think. Period. Everything else is just the creation
>of overactive imaginations (IMHO).

     It is fine with me if you are a biological machine.  I am not.
I will avoid assuming that you are an immortal soul just because I am,
if you will do me the courtesy of not assuming that I am a biological
machine just because you are.

>No. I'm implying that the act of attempting to interpret ANY God's words is
>faulty. Religion is a personal belief system. Attempting to share it or force
>it on others is wrong and, because it involves interpretation, going to fail in
>some manner or other.

     This sounds like the religion of NO religion to me.  When you say
religion is a personal belief system, is THAT a personal belief system and
if so why are you attempting to share it with me as surely I will
misinterpret what you are saying?

>>     I have lived before.  Proving it to you is of no concern to me.
>But bringing it into every discussion you participate in _IS_ a concern to

     Yes but in your incredible arrogance you have assumed that there
are no other Immortals in the land and that they are not causing
a whole hell of a lot of trouble that you can barely understand.

     You wish to bring peace to the planet, but you refuse to admit
to the source of the problem.  Surely it is not those sweet and nice
mortal biological machines you claim to be.  It is instead Immortals
who have come to believe they too are biological machines when really
they are souls.  They are very pissed off and don't know why and they
are ravaging the land in their dream walk.

     Biological machines must be willing to at least admit the
possibility that some other people are souls.

>No, actually it's the collection of words that generates trivia. Single words
>are usually meaningless. Occasionally, you actually manage to come up with
>something interesting and thought-provoking. However, I've only seen it in
>messages that don't have to do with religion (any religion).

     I guess biological machines have not developed the neural
circuitry to recognize wisdom then.

>Ah, but that's NOT what I said. I said that religions ARE important, BUT that
>we shouldn't be discussing individual religions. Only when we discuss the way
>that religion affects everybody do we actually get anywhere.

     This does not ring true.  You seem to wish to keep religion out
of the discussion all together.  HOWEVER, since you say clearly here
that religion is important in how it affects us, I will take you at
your present word.

     Your implication though is that religion is basically false,
and I presume that therefore has mainly a bad effect on the outcome
of things.

     I mean belief systems certaintly are not scientific or fact oriented,

     I find that mortals hold the same view towards religion that many
religions hold towards science, namely that it is a lot of crap.

     My view is that both are wrong.  Religion and Science are on
equal footing.  Religion deals with CREATING, and Science deals
with DISCOVERING what was created.

     By the way I do not see how we can discuss how religions affect us
in the scheme of things with out discussing specific points of belief
in these religions as they all differ and they all affect us differently.
To clump all religions together and talk about how they affect us is not
very scientific.

     Even if they ARE all wrong.

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