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Date:         Tue, 07 Mar 89 19:23:41 EST
From:         "Homer W. smith" 
Subject:      Re: Re. AVL NO. 1
To:           Adore-l list 
In-Reply-To:  Message of Tue, 7 Mar 89 16:53:00 CST from 

>But I did not mean either (a) or (b) above. In fact, I am an atheist - for your
>information! So my point was, if GOD (so called!) is all powerful (and so on
>and so forth), and Mr. Homer can read the mind of GOD, then Mr. Homer must be
>more powerful than GOD, and hence Mr. Homer must be GOD (by definition!)

     The logic escapes me on this one.  If God is an all powerful being
then surely I could read his mind if he wanted me to without MY
being more powerful than God.  Unless of course God was trying to
HIDE his views from me and I claimed to know them anyhow.

     THAT would be a claim to be more powerful than God.

     Actually I think God is trying to communicate His views to
us all the time, and we ARE as powerful as God which is
why we are so able to SHUT HIM OUT regardless of His good intentions.

     The problem with some Atheists, is they have a very undeveloped
view of what God/Source might be like IF they existed because they spend
so little time thinking about it.

     They show this attitude by arguing vehemently against the view
of God laid down by the Fundamentalists as if that were the only view
of God there was.

     It apprently escapes them that there are other more mature
views of Divinity and that in fact the view expressed by the
Fundamentalists may not be worthy of much arguement in the first place.

     If you are going to be taken seriously as a Dust in the Winder,
you should at least have views that are more sophisticated than
the Fundamentalists.

     The arguement that 'God does not exist because the Universe
was not made 6000 years ago but was made billions of years ago'
is an inane arguement.  It assumes that if the Fundamentalist view
of God is wrong (which it may be) then God does not exist at all.

     God (if He does exist) has made some pretty strange creatures
in His time and the Fundamentalists, myself and Pranab are amoung them.

    Possibly the one question the Dust in the Winders have about
God is 'If He exists why did He create all these stupid religions?
Why is there not a sensible religion on this Planet I can relate to?'

    They conclude that since all of God's religions are such
phoney baloney, that God Himself must not exist.

     But what evidence do you have that these religions were made by
GOD?  Maybe they were made by men and each reflects the idiocy inherent
in the men that wrote them.  (Much as ADORE relfects MY idiocy!)

     So further you should ask, 'If God exists, why did He make such
idiots for men?'

     I assure you, that if God exists, he is waiting for you to come up
with a good answer to that one.

     However, I warn you that He would probably also be waiting for you
to write the first religion that all could relate to!

      Homer W. smith Adore-l list 3/07/89*Re.  AVL NO. 1