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Date:         Mon, 18 Sep 89 21:24:42 EDT
From:         Homer 
To:           adore-l@ualtavm

     Remember that the Adorian view is that the world is a dream
full of dreamers dreaming that the world is not a dream.

     People do this every night when they go to bed, they have dreams
where they don't know they are dreaming.  They just don't realize that
they are waking up to another bigger CO DREAM when they wake up to this
world of work and friends and other people who are dreaming with them.

     During sleep dreams you are probably alone, the other bodies in
your dreams ar just your private mockups and have no other beings
connected to them.  In your waking state, the bodies are no less dreams,
but other people are co sharing your dream and if you kick one of your
dream bodies, another dreamer will feel it.

     It is this fact that people try to explain either by saying there
is one large common physical universe really out there, whereby if I
kick YOUR body, YOU feel the pain, or they explain it by saying there
is one large common spiritual universe really in here, whereby if I
kick MY mockup of YOUR body, YOU feel the pain, because YOUR mockup of
YOUR body and MY mockup of YOUR body have been connected by SOURCE.

     The Adorian view is that the world is one large virtual star trek game
with mutliple players but at no time is anyone is contact with anything
else than his or her own television screen called your consciousness.

     The underlying mechanism that synchronizes and virtualizes all the
myriads of solidities necesary to keep the illusion going is called SOURCE.
Source is not a GOD, as it is not conscious nor does it have will.  YOU
are conscious, YOU have WILL.  Source can only do WHAT YOU WILL.

That is religious goobledygook for: you create things by drawing upon your
connection to source which then provides what ever you will and only what you
will.  You can also source that source wont work for you, then you can have
a limitation and a game.

     This is no small statement, and although it may be false (it isn't)
it should not be considered a silly or stupid or insignificant theory.

     Its ramifications are outrageous and extend out into Eternity.

     Thus when we put down this theory please let us have some
concept of the magnitude of what we are putting down, and show some
respect for the demise we are offering ourselves if it is not true.

     The primary problem that people have with this theory is, if it
IS true, then how come it is not obvious?

     That's a good question and the answer to it is a good answer,
but the answer may not be obvious.  Thus some concerted thought on the
subject is in order rather than quick dismissals.

     All that I am willing and able to say on it at this time is that
we have all considered the possibility and the desirability of the world
being a dream as a kid.  I did.  We also all rejected it after much thought.
(Yeah yeah I know, some of you were too smart (spelled STUPID) to consider
it at all.  Bore me some more.)

     If it had been obvious that the world was a dream, then the world
as it is would not have come to be because everyone would have figured
out the truth and the joke early on.

     Thus IN ORDER to have the world as it is, it is necessary that
it NOT be obvious that the world is a dream so that people can continue
with their dream that they are not dreaming.

     What I am suggesting is that the question of whether or not
the world is a dream needs a second generation look, now that you are
older and wiser and smarter and more able to span the scope of such
a universe.

     Remember too that if you HAD concluded that the world was a dream
as a child you would have had to contend with understanding your parents
who very definitely did not think it was a dream and acted like unreasoning
meatballs most of the time.

     The Horror of that situation must be considered when you look at the
problem anew to see why maybe you did not get it right the first time.

     You didn't you know.

 Homer               adore-l@ualtavm      9/18/89 No subject