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Date:         Tue, 19 Sep 89 21:09:24 EDT
From:         Homer 
To:           adore-l@ualtavm

     It is not necessary to believe or even know that the world is a dream
in order to believe in past lives or exteriorization or any other
spiritual abilities.

    One can use a radio without believing or even knowing quantum mechanics.

     The FACTS are things like past track memory, getting out of your
body and seeing your neighbors doing it in the shower, and any one of
a number of other things.

     The THEORY is that the world is a dream and does not depend on
an external physical universe to exist.  This is only one theory
among many.

     One for example could postulate (against Ocam's advise) a hybrid
theory that included both consciousness and physical external matter
space and time as the underlying fundamental stuffs of this universe.

     About all that could be said with certainty is that the theory that
says that all that exists is matter space and time and that consciousness
is just a form of matter is wrong.  Otherwise it would be impossible
for the soul to leave the body a see the physical universe without
the bodies eyes.  Also existing between bodies and across multiple
bodies throws a serious monkey wrench in the idea that consciousness
is merely brain matter.

     Of course facts are only what YOU have observed.  If you have never
observed someone getting out of their body and cant do it yourself (I cant)
then you wont have much motivation to explain those things.

     On the other hand you should at least consider what theory you
would propose if it turned out to be true that people could
get out of their bodies and existed across the life of many bodies.

     Thus the theory that the world is a virtual projection in consciousness
is just that, a theory which may or may not be true and certainly will go
through multiple generation changes over time just as our understanding
of the external universe has over time.

     However the facts of exteriorization are clear to anyone who
has done it, and THOSE people have to consider a theory that explains
a planet full of people who have never exteriorized, don't want to, and
don't want you to either.

 Homer               adore-l@ualtavm      9/19/89 No subject