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Date:         Tue, 19 Sep 89 22:03:44 EDT
From:         Homer 
To:           disarm-l@albnyvm1,

     Ok, I will keep it clean.

     Mark Hayes and Jim Merrit are SP's, Supressive Persons, whose
sole intention is to discredit anything I might say because it scares
them.  They SAY they find me a waste of time, but what they mean is
that they find me a terrible danger to their scheme of things.  Their emotional
tone comes straight out of covert hostility, they speak in broad generalities,
they criticize what I have to say without posting one counter argument or
even one counter view other than I should stop posting on certain

     They try to include everyone else on the list in their attacks on me
speaking as if everyone agrees with them with the added implication that
the list moderator should know better than to let me continue to post
as I do.

     They both will probably, if pressed, slyly imply that the list
moderator could get himself in deep trouble if he DOESN'T do something
about me and they are the very kind of people that would go directly to
list administrators or university personnel with their complaints.

     From my experience with them on ADORE-L, which is an EXCEPTIONALLY
intelligent list by the way even if you don't agree with its premise,
has shown me that they are incapable of posting anything of originality
of their own but are limited to scathing attacks on the personality
and personal intentions of other posters.  Their attacks are unfounded,
without basis or supporting evidence, they merely try to make it sound
good with the implication that no one could be as indignant at they
are if their sense of propriety had not been grieviously
wounded.  Thus the shrillness of their screams is their only evidence.

     I get many private letters from ADORE-L readers praising me for
my postings there and my attitude, and I get a certain small percentage
from other SP's who have a very trademark kind of scream and yell.

     Not everyone on ADORE-L agress with what I have to say, many are
very skeptical like Dimitri, but they do not go into convulsions of
ranting and raving about how their ears have been burned off and how
pompous and megalomaniacal I am.  Instead they understand I have
a serious viewpoint that they happen to doubt, and they
understand that I understand THEIR viewpoint and take it just
as seriously although I do spend a lot of time ribbing mortals.

    But the ones I rib the most are the ones that spout up virulent
diatribes at the slightest mention of the word Immortal.  Most mortals
would welcome finding out they were Immortal, but not SP's, they HOPE
no one finds out about past lives because then the SP would have to OWN UP
to their own.

     They find this last point the most virulent and frightening of all
for the very thought that the world is a deeply spiritual place, yes even
Dimitri is spiritual, causes them to shiver their timbers like nothing else.

     You can always know these SP beings.  You can know them by the
sound of their voice, the content free level of their postings matched
only by an extreme indignant self righteous outrage that even
I am incapable of.

     Their effort is always to STOP communications of a certain sort,
usually under the pretext of protecting the integrity of the list.
They ALWAYS talk about what you should and should not talk about rather
than talk about things you should not talk about themselves.

     I am open to private mail flames, but I usually repost private
mail to ADORE-L if I have some intelligent answer to give.  People on
ADORE-L WANT to hear what I have to say.  I am open to public flames
on this list or ADORE-L, even about DISARM matters.

     I know that Don is a Christian, and we all know that I give
Christians a hard time, mostly because I am one and grew up with a pot
load of them, but both Don and I know that the world is a deeply
religious one, something we know from direct personal experience, something
that all the loud rabid vapidizing in the world can not change, and these
two people, Mark Hayes, and Jim Merritt are some of the most unspiritual
people you will ever meet.  I judge them by their behavior on ADORE-L.
From reading some of the postings there, I would say that at least a
few others there agree with me.

    (By the way you cant claim to be a highly spiritual being if you
believe you are made of meat and have no after life.  Only SPIRIT
can be considered spiritual.  Meat does not cut the grade.
Mortals HATE this.  They want to be considered 'spiritual' too
because they are nice guys or some such drivel.  Perhaps
we could call them 'meatual', meaning nice meatballs.  Of course
the truth is that everyone is spiritual because no one is meat,
everyone is Spirit, its just that the meatballs haven't recognized
this fact yet.  They deny it like crazy, get all insulted, 'how dare
you tell me I am not a biological machine, I LIKE being a biological
machine.  Yeah, Yeah I know, so you are a biological machine already!)

     I doubt there is anything that could be said on this list or any
list that could turn my ears red.  It is unspeakable that someone
should turn to a moderator to ask them to enforce their own mother's sense
of propriety in language.

     The real waste of time that goes down on this list is people posting
about what others should and should not post about.  THOSE people
possibly should not post, but I am for people posting and not for
people not posting.

     There has not been one single communication to this list that did
not have something to do with the world situation today with regards
to disarmament be it nuclear war or the war on drugs or religious war,
or even war between man and woman or parent and child.  Its all WAR.

     And it all leads to armament of one sort or another.

     And it is ALL related.  Except some people are too damn
stupid or may be just to EVIL to be able to put the pieces together.

     Perhaps we should use them for body parts.

     But in any case let them post.

 Homer               disarm-l@albnyvm1    9/19/89 No subject