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Date:         Wed, 20 Sep 89 03:19:51 EDT
From:         CTM@CORNELLC
Subject:      ADORE-L
To:           adore-l@ualtavm

     I don't care what any one says on this list.

     People tell me I break the 50 percent rule, and certainly
others break it too.

     Personally I do not care what views you have or how you express
them.  It would be nice if they came from your heart rather than your
asshole, and it would also be nice if you granted some beingness to
other people (me) admitting that their views also came from their heart
and were not just thrown out to ooh and ah the crowd or some other hidden
agenda that you know damn well is not true and was never my intention.

     Perhaps it makes it worse for you that I am serious about what
I say.  That is fine as long as you are SERIOUS about it.

     About the only thing that would really piss me off on this list is
FRIVOLOUSNESS.  And even that is ok.

     So I could care less if you really really hate me, thats fine,
just make it be from the heart and explain WHY in detail.  Or else
you will be written off as just another coward not just by me but by the
others on this list who really want to know something.

     The idea that the external physical universe does not exist
is an outrage.  All of the pain and suffering, all of the torment
and turmoil that we have gone through over the last trillion years
has been totally and completely over the subject of solidity and
space and time.

     These things limit us, make us fragile, hurt us, we must part from
our friends, we get damaged in the fray, we ruin someone accidentally,
we get lost in endless quanities of overwhelming spaces and times, forces
and energies and then some jackal comes along and says it all don't exist.

     Well it don't.  The EXPERIENCE however does and it is the EXPERIENCE
that was and is real.

    Further your state of distemper towards space and time, matter and
energy is the result of millions of years with and without bodies, playing
and winning, playing and losing and all this adds up to one large basket
of charge in your face when you get around to looking at it square in the

    It is BIG and it HURTS.

    Now it doesn't particularly matter if the external universe
exits or not.  You have been hurt either way, that is for SURE.
Even if the world is a dream it will still hurt you as much as if
it were real, maybe more so, because if it is a dream then truely
you are Immortal, and not only will live forever but can be punished
and maimed forever.  What good is living life after life if you are
just going to end up on the Cross at the end of each one.

     It can get boring after a while, there's no love left in it anymore,
who cares about sex or body games when there is a Cross at the end
over and over again.

     So it doesn't matter one wit that the world is a dream or not,
what does matter is that you are not your body, that you have
many lives to account and take responsibility for and that you will
have many eternities into the future to play all the games you could
possibly want AS LONG AS YOU TAKE REOPERATIONAL CONTROL of your life now.

     You saying that you are your body is like me saying I am my
Ford Torino.  Except that I know I am not because I can get in and out
of it easily and do so every day.  Well you get in and out of your
body every lifetime and have been doing so for a very very long time.

     The memory problem is an arbitrary.  Its also relatively recent.

     Practice forgetting will get you out.  Do it right though.  Its
not easy.

     So no I am not an Adept, I am just another jackal on this list like
the rest of you.  It would be nice to get some respect on this list
but not necessary to my well being and it is rare that I hand any
out myself, so I deserve what I get.

     I do spend a lot of time ribbing Mortals and Christians but that
is only because they have spent so much time trying to TERMINATE me.
They come from a terminal view of the universe and they dramatize on others
what they consider their own basic nature is doing to them.  Its got
something to do with graves.

     Basically I came along and said 'Hey, you are Immortal, you can
fix that painful condition you are in.'  They promptly tried to
nail me to a Cross to see if I could fix the painful condition I
would be in.  Some hoped I couldn't.

     They started it.  But I started them starting it.

     Awareness of that is about the only advantage I have.

     It should be enough.

     It's called total responsibility.

                     adore-l@ualtavm      9/20/89 ADORE-L