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Date:         Wed, 20 Sep 89 09:14:39 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      Re: Adepts
To:           adore-l@ualtavm
In-Reply-To:  Your message of Wed, 20 Sep 89 04:35 EDT

>So Homer, You, Me And the whole of Mankind are Adepts who think they are
>mortals - or are perhaps mortals who havent recognised that they are Adepts -
>Fair enough, but isn't it just as likely that some people are mortals who
>think they are Adepts.

     If the Hybrid theory is true, namely there is a physical universe
as we all think but there is also independant consciousness, then it
is possible that some bodies do not have drivers, but are just

     Quite a few people swear on a stack of bibles and their mothers
graves that they are merely biological machines born to eat or
be eaten.  Its like if my Ford says to me, 'I am a Ford, I am not
a soul', its hard to answer them otherwise.

     However if some guy IN a Ford says I am a Ford I am not a soul,
then you have a nut case.

     If the matter only theory is true, namely that consciousness is
merely a function of matter in relation, then all bodies are merely
bodies and there is no independant soul, in which case everyone is
a mortal and Adepts are a fantasy.

     If the consciousness only theory is true, that matter is
a virtual projection in holographic consciousness, then there are
no bodies in the first place, and clearly everyone is a soul
masquerading around as a dream machine called a body.

     Even in this theory it is possible for a soul to leave a body
while it is still alive and let the body act on its own.
After 30 years of being meticulously hand driven by the soul, the
body tends to act in a pretty somnambulistic way, much as a traumatized
dog might.

     But if the body is brought up tone to a healthy state of mind, it
will follow you, the soul, around much like a dog will, usually AHEAD
of you on the street, and it will have enough intelligence to go to
the frig and get food, or maybe even drive a car a few feet.  It would
not however have the ability to fix a car or design a car or even
drive very well.  But even monkeys can drive a car.

     The body would also on its own be able to talk pretty well, although
it might be pretty visceral about what it had to say.  Remember you have
been talking THROUGH your body for years (a really really stupid thing
to do as you lose all of your telepathy doing this) but it teaches
the body no end of vocabulary and the body certainly has the
voluntary muscle system to use it on its own.

     Thus even in the dream theory there might be bodies walking around
wihtout drivers, but they would mostly act kind of stupid, and considering
the DEMAND for bodies of any kind on Earth at this time it is highly
unlikely that any are allowed to wander free.  There is always some
degrade who will take any body at all, even one about to die.
Thus it is highly likely that all bodies have drivers.

     But even the body all alone seems to have a conscious unit
attached to it, a unit that is relatively unevolved compared to us,
not yet SELF AWARE, but very conscious and active and able, and makes
up the animal personality a body might have if left to its
own devices.  This conscious unit, called a GE (genetic entity) in
some circles, is also an immortal dream unit just like you and me,
and will one day reattain or finally attain a self aware state like
you and me and become a driver of bodies.

      It has been said that sometimes drivers of bodies fare so
badly as drivers that they decay back down to being entities IN bodies,
or even the GE of a body only to later emerge as an independant self
aware unit to try again.

      I am not sure I buy all that, there is more garbage in this
business parading around as truth, and until I know something for sure
about the heritage and destiny of body beings I would hesitate to
make any statement on it.

     I can say for sure that I exist, my body exists at least as a crystalized
mockup in the holodeck machine and the body being exists.  I have seen mine
a few times, and in fact getting out of ones own body on a permanent basis
involves coming to an understanding with the body being.

     For one your body being would fare much better in life if you
were not IN your body but outside.  Just as your dog does not want
you inside its head directing its every muscle movement, your body
being kind of super detests this too.

     However your body being does not want to be left totally alone
either, just as your dog starts to panic when its much much brighter
master disappears for a while.  Mine used to go nuts trying to find me.
Bodies LOVE to have masters, and LOVE to be taken out for rides and walks,
and LOVE to have something INTELLIGENT to do all day long given to
them by YOU who are a much higher evolved being.

     All animals, like dogs and horses, love to be controlled for
an intelligent purpose by a more intelligent being.  They would
sell some of their autonomy to the wind in order to be taken
care of and fed and riden around by a more intelligent being.
You can even beat up on them and as long as you treat them nice
afterwards they will continue to come back to you.

     Thus your body is an animal, in my theory a dream machine but
a very well virtualized biological dream machine with its own conscious
unit directing its animal nature.  Your relationship to your body should
be exactly as your relationship to any animal that you adore and admire.

     Basically it is your favorite pet, you have had many of them,
they are loyal as hell, they learn easily and love to learn and know
when you are trying to teach them something new, the one caveat being
they would prefer that you were out of their head.

 Homer               CARROLL@ALCANKTN     9/20/89*Adepts