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Date:         Fri, 22 Sep 89 02:54:21 EDT
From:         Homer 
To:           adore-l@ualtavm

     Let's say that PROOF did exist.

     How much would it be worth to you?

     $100.00?  $10,000?

     Let's say you suspected that Homer the Idiot was right, but you
didn't have CERTAINTY.  Would you be willing to work your whole life
in return for that being given that certainty at the end of it before
you died?

     Would you be willing to work for a day?

     How about just taking a bath?  Would you be willing to
hang all your attitudes out to dry?

     If someone did have proof, why would they give it to YOU?

     Because you are a nice guy?  Because you WANT it?

     Because you are a douchebag who can't keep your mouth
closed long enough to let your eyes work?

     Would you want to be shown it privately or  would you want others
there also?

     Are there people you difinitely would NOT want present as you
learned it?

     Would you want someone who was highly trained to deliver it to you,
or would you want to get it from a book?

     Would you prefer to find it alone yourself?  Would you refuse
to learn it from another just because you wanted to find it yourself?

     Would you force the proof on someone else who did not want to know
it or get it from you?

     If such a proof exists, does everyone have a DUTY to know it?

     Does everyone have a RIGHT to know it?

     Would you have a right to continue with your previous religion
or world view even though the proof clearly showed it to be false and

     Does anyone have a false or misguided view of the world?

     Do you?

     Do you think such a proof would be something simple that anyone could
convey, or do you think it might take some skill to understand and
to give it to another?

     What good would proof do you?  Allay your fears about death?
Confirm your fears about Immortality?

     What would you do with such proof.  Would you hold it out
of reach over others heads so that they would follow you as the
'knowing one'?

     Would you teach it publically, spreading your wisdom far and wide?

     Would you CHARGE for it?

     If you spent all your time showing people this proof, how would
you make your living?

     If you HAD to charge for it, how much would you charge?

     What would the market bear?

     How hard would it be to convey the proof to your average truck driver
type?  How about your average professor type?

     How about your average freshman type?

     How many people would walk away saying they had understood
your proof just because they WANTED to believe in it but did not
have the mental capacity or the emotional courage to really understand it.

     How many people would walk away saying your proof was WRONG even
though they saw it was right, just because they wanted to take advantage
of others continued ignorance.  There is no one like this on this list
now is there?

     Once you knew that you were Immortal and would live forever, and
were not your body and didn't even need one to be happy,
what would happen to school, your job, your wife, your kids?

     What would happen to your religion or even the planet you lived on?

     How would things change if EVERYONE knew your proof and CERTAINTY again
had a place in people's life rather than BELIEF (yuk) or FAITH (double yuk.)

     You cant judge people by whether or not they believe they are
Immortal.  Even very great people have strange dreams when they are asleep.
Since this world during the waking state is very somnambulistic,
don't be surprised to find people in all walks of life holding onto the
most ridiculous renditions of reality.

     They know their view is not a desirable one, but they have given
up long ago thinking that this was the best of all possible worlds.
It was the only responsible thing to do considering the pain.

     The fact that they were wrong is not yet known to them only
because they are still sleeping, yes even while running an entire
life very well.

     They made the wrong decision, came to the wrong conclusion BECAUSE
they were already sleeping.  Before that though, they knew the truth and
chose to jump into the snooze zone.

     Life IS a holodeck.  You can forget that though if you have been in
it too long and get too involved with the other people already in it
who are taking it VERY seriously.
You know part of why you came here was to help them.

     So if you had the proof that you all seek, if you had the alarm
clock that would wake everyone up, either all at once, or one by one
what would you do with it?  What would you do
with your time?  Would you become devoted?

     Some of you scream and yell demanding to be given proof, but
not one of you seriously considers that you will get it.  (Except those
who KNOW you will get it but hope to discredit it falsely.)

     Are you prepared to really get it.  Right now.  Right this instant?

     If my next posting was The Proof, would you read it?  Would you
put it away for a while until you were ready, calling upon your
reserves of nerve?

     Would you destroy it knowing it was right, but not wanting to know
it just yet or possibly never?

     You who want proof so badly, have you EVER asked yourself
even ONE of the questions in this posting?

     If so then maybe you are worthy of such a proof.  If only you
could convince someone who had it to show it to you.

     Which brings us back to pigs and pearls.

     You may not be a pig, but THEY have the proof.  What would
you do about this?

     There are LOTS of people with LOTS of proof.  They are however
being pretty mum about it.  Proving to others that they have
Immortal abilities is not how they spend most of their time USING those

     Of course it might be useful to them if YOU had those abilities
in fine operational form too.  Then again it might not, depends on
how much of a douchebag you are.  Douchebagism can run pretty deep.

     THEY have to make that jugdement call as THEY will be taken to task
for opening your personal Pandora's Box.

     Any how, you know it says in the Bible, that if you ask, it
will be given to you.

     That ain't exactly true.

     HOW you ask goes a long way in determining whether you get an answer.

     The guileless heart tends to get the most answers.

     But there has to be some courage too and not a little bit of
CARE for others whom you would help.

     Those who care only for themselves at the expense of others, will
have their requests for proof go in vain.  They will be shown only the grave.

 Homer               adore-l@ualtavm      9/22/89 No subject