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Date:         Sat, 23 Sep 89 03:06:14 EDT
From:         Homer 
To:           adore-l@ualtavm

     This is a very VERY old posting.  I don't think I have wasted
your time with it yet, so here it is.

     I apologize for the sexist language in this posting.  The term MAN
and MEN refers to all humans, even womyn.

                         The Measure of Sanity.

     What is the measure of a man's sanity?

     Contact with Reality.

     But what is Reality?  Is it what we all AGREE is real?  Or is there
a reality independent of what we think?

     Clearly simple belief will not save us if we jump off the Empire
State Building.  How long can you continue to believe you can fly before
Reality changes your mind for you?

     (If you claim the view that there IS no right or wrong, you are
claiming that that view is RIGHT, thus you contradict yourself.  THAT
statement is RIGHT, thus there is right and wrong.)

     If you hallucinate food in a dessert, how long can you eat the
imaginary food and continue to hallucinate that you are full.  Won't
Reality impinge eventually?  If you die from starvation with out ever
feeling hungry, does that mean you were right about having plenty of

     Can you claim your are right regardless of what you think?

     Some people will say what difference does it make what is right and
wrong?  Who cares what is Real?  Well I do.  If you have a blow torch in
my face I would like you to take it away.  Your belief that it is cotton
candy and not a blow torch does not change my belief that it is a blow
torch.  Men begin to shun others who they can not come into agreement
with concerning what exists and what doesn't.

     This is pretty obvious.  The world is a dangerous place.  The
slightest wrong move can kill or hurt hundreds of people.  No one is
going to want someone around who is not cognizant of the REAL FACTS
concerning how to maintain a safe and productive situtation for himself
and others.

     In fact our REPUTATIONS depend on it.  Next to our lives, our
reputation is the most valuable thing we have, because it is a measure
of the worth of our lives to OTHERS.  Without a good reputation we will
not be helped in our struggle for survival, nor will our help be
accepted by others.  With our valuable final product and the fair
exchange gone down the tubes we will find it very hard to survive indeed
as we can not do it alone.  Especially if everyone else is out to
destroy us because we are dangerous jerks.

     Only a person who lives in a world of pillows can say there is no
right or wrong.

     Thus it behoves us not to tread on others gardens.  And to know
that there ARE gardens and to take care of our own.  Thus men can live
in an atmosphere of cooperation, fullfillment and relative affluence.

     But what this comes down to is being able to know what IS and what
ISN'T.  Without that there is no way to keep track of anyone's gardens.
Chaos and emnity will result.  Much to our own despair.

     Thus each man's perception of Reality is his own responsibility.
He has a duty to keep it well tended and up to date.  It is NOT OK for
him to willfully not know the truth, or to hide his head in the sand.
These are all things he hates his neighbors doing, and so he should
expect the consequences to be swift and final if they catch him at it.

     In return he has a right to expect his neighbors to keep the same
duty and a right to kick them hard when they fall short lest Life should
come around and kick everyone terminally.  If we allow others to live
dishonest and decrepit lives, this affects the Co Operation factor.
That ruins our own ability to help and provide for the other people who
ARE playing the game straight.  All it takes is for one person to dump
Mercury into the ecosystem and that kills EVERYBODY.  Guilty and
innocent alike.  Get it?  So don't let it happen.

     We have a sworn Duty to keep our perceptions of Reality honest and
true to the best of our abilities, and an equal and opposite Right to
make sure that others do so too.

     The problem is, what is Reality?  Wars have been fought over 'What
is reality?'  So if we expect to have peace and prosperity we must spend
some time looking into this question so that the ignorance and brute
force of Life is not allowed to write the final chapters of What's True.

     However the EXISTANCE of the ignorance and brute force of Life
should be one of the first entries into the book of What's True with a
warning as to how they can effect things if they are allowed to reign.

     Ok so the answer is, yes there is a Reality and it is our duty find
out all we can about it and not fool ourselves with Bullshit or head

     Further we have a small right to keep our neighbors nose clean too.
Up to a point.  Its called Dharma Battle.  Everyone has the right to
their own opinion for each must judge FOR HIMSELF what is true.  We can
not force opinions on each other just because we think we are right and
the other is wrong.  However with in reason, when our views are
challenged it is a point of Honor to stand up for ourselves and do the

     So men of Honor have a Right to challenge others views and a Duty
to defend their own when challenged.  Men of reasonable minds have no
problem with this.  Men of less than Honorable sanity tend to turn these
Dharma Battles into Physical War.

     Thus a further delineation of Dharma Battle is in order.

     There are two types of Hallucination recognized by the
psychological profession.  And each type falls into two more categories.
That makes four categories all together.

     The first kind of Hallucination is called Positive Hallucination
and refers to the sensory perception of physical objects that do not
exist.  People who pick bugs off of them are of this kind.  So are
people who see little green men with ray guns.  They SEE these things
and respond to them as if they are real.  Clearly this is very dangerous
behavior.  Such a person is responding to dangers that do not exist
taking him away from dangers that do exist.

     The second kind of Hallucination is called Negative Hallucination
and refers to the sensory NON perception of physical obejcts that DO
exist.  This is rarer and more subtle but just as dangerous, as people
will ignore the most stark dangers all the while thinking everything is
ok.  They will walk in front of a moving Mac Truck becuase they are
looking through it and litterally don't see it.  Day Dreamers are prone
to this.  Again when they finally run into reality the hard way, they
are in for a rude shock.

     The third kind of Hallucination is called Positive Hallucination of
Significance.  In this case the person sees the physical world as it is
but assigns significances and importances to it that are totally off the
wall.  Such people will look at an ashtray and think it is an eye sprout
growing out of some otherwise invisible monster hiding under the table.
The ashtray is USED to SEE the person so the monster can eat him.
Significances in fact are often what we think an object is USED for.
Its physical appearance remains clear and lucid, but the purpose and
ability that is assigned to the object is not at all real.  In fact
people with this problem often loose total sight of the normal laws of
physics and common sense as they wildly assign meaning and ability and
purpose to objects that can only just sit there and receive garbage.  A
simpler and more classic case of assigning false significances is the
Paranoid.  Paranoids do this to you when they think you are planning
their demise when they see you talking on the phone to your chick. Its
not THEIR demise you are planning, eh?!

     As an aside Paranoids will often be found to have in their
childhood people who really were intending to do away with them but
constantly and effectively pretended they had only the best of
intentions towards the paranoid.  The paranoid gave up trying to prove
the evil intentions of this significant other, but not being able to
shake the CERTAINTY that SOMEONE was out to get him, began to
hallucinate the significance onto everyone around him.  The solution to
this is to get the paranoid to spot the person in his past who REALLY
WAS out to get him, but who was able to sugar coat their actions with
slime, often a mother who tried to abort him 30 times, and he will place
the significance where it belongs and stop worrying others around him.

     The last form of Hallucination is called Negative Hallucination of
Significance.  This is neither rare nor subtle and is rampant in our
society at this time.  It happens when people do not assign the obvious
and correct significances to events and objects in their environment.
They figure that little Rollo crying all day long means nothing is
wrong.  No problem.  When Rollo grows up to be a mass murder it is the
Devil's fault, or Drugs or the Republicans or whatever.  But never is it
little ole Sweetness and Light Mother who did everything in her power to
make sure there were no problems in her family by not handling any of
them.  Killers are not easily born.  It takes hard work and endurance to
produce one.  Ask Mother.

     Parents fail to notice their kids are developing secrets from them.
Parents fail to talk about sex, menstruation, masturbation, addiction,
Drugs, contraception, ethics, religion, and war.  Alcoholics go 'I'M not
an Alcoholic!'.  People say 'I smoke cigarettes because I LIKE them.'
People fail to notice that men and women are DIFFERENT.  They fail to
notice that little kids are MUCH more intelligent than your average 27
year old.  Of course with adults paying so much attention to NOTHING,
kids don't keep their intelligence for very long ON PURPOSE which also
goes unnoticed by the reigning powers that be.  When the kid gets sick
it is always because there's a 'bug going around'.  It's NEVER because
the parent has been degrading the hell out of the kid since day one with
rules and regulations that were created only to satisfy the doll house
life of the parent and have nothing at all to do with the well being of
the child.  The kid wants to DIE.  He gets the measles instead.  Your
immune system has to be broken in 5 to catch these things.  Then the
parent goes 'OH you POOR SWEEEEET child.  Mommy will take care of you!'.
You see it gives mother something to do.  But that is what mother
WANTED.  It doesn't serve the kid at all.  After a while the kid FORGETS
WHY he got sick, and begins to believe the lies himself.  Thus he is
well on his way to doing to his kid what was done to him, and the cycle
of HALLUCINATION of NON SIGNIFICANCE continues to exist.  Of course if
you tell this to the parents, BOY DO THEY HOWL!

     It's too bad people don't deserve all this.  There would be some
sweet justice in this somewhere.

     So back to the matter of Reality, when someone challenges your view
of things or questions your Reality he is charging you with 1 of the
following 'High Crimes' of 'mis-perception'.

     1.)  You believe in or see a physical object which does not exist.
     2.)  You do not believe in or do not see a physical object which
does exist.
     3.)  You see the world as it is, but you are assigning an incorrect
ability, purpose, use, significance or importance to some object or
     4.)  You see the world as it is, but you are failing to assign a
correct ability, purpose, use, significance or importance to some object
or event.

     Thus when two men disagree on what is real, the first step would be
to analyze the disagreement into the above 4 categories.  This would
make for a very large first step in substantiating one or another
opinion and make life very much more livable.

                        The World as We See It.

     There are two basic views you could have on the world as we see it.

     The first view is that the world is actually and in fact bascially
just as we see it and only odd balls or nuts with bones to grind make
life more difficult by trying to obscure the obviousness of it all.  In
this case one would expect most men to agree on most things and quickly
'come around' when they have made a true error in perception.

     The other view is that the world is very much not as we see it and
in fact people are in general miles and miles wrong on almost every
subject there is.  This would mean that only after very hard study and
application of great intelligence could anyone claim to have begun to
fathom the world as it really was.  In this case one would expect there
to be endless disagreement about what was real and what wasn't because
there would be as many views as there were different grades of
advancement in this matter of learning.


The entire modus operandi for settling disagreements between two men
depends absolutely upon their agreeing to agree or disagree on the above
mentioned point.  They must at least know that they are coming from two
irreconciably different viewpoints before they attempt to resolve what
ever other matter is between them.

     How deep is the darkness?  Are men SUPPOSED to know the truth?  Are
men ABLE to know the truth.  Can men confront it?  Is there any truth
worth knowing?  Who or what is reponsible for this truth being true and
not known?  You gotta get this stuff all out of the way before anything
else happens or it will all be WAR from there on out.

     The measure of sanity is contact with reality.  But being OUT of
contact with reality is part of reality.  So being IN CONTACT with being
OUT of CONTACT is the first step towards personal integrity and tending
to our own gardens.  And the gardens of others.

 Homer               adore-l@ualtavm      9/23/89 No subject