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Date:         Sun, 24 Sep 89 00:12:37 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      Re: Quotes from Adore.
To:           Adore-l list 
In-Reply-To:  Message of Sat, 23 Sep 89 13:17:23 MDT from 

>Men are the rulers, the "pilots"; women are the assistants, the

     GODS are the rulers.  Men however are the pilots of the family
as long as they are alive.  If the father dies then the mother is
the pilot until her son takes rank.  If she has no son, then
she remains pilot until she dies and then the daughter takes rank.

     Believe it or not MANY women see the truth of this.

     I can't imagine a family where the woman is pilot over
the man and of course there can not be two pilots.  There
MUST be one pilot and one co pilot.

>"co-pilots", whose only function is to produce new male "pilots".

     Is the only function of a co pilot in a star ship to produce
new pilots?  The above statement is classic Mark Hayes and shows where he
is really coming from.

>Notice that Our Verbose Guru doesn't even consider the possibility
>of daughters.

     Oh, where did the MOTHER come from silly?

     I will admit that the Adorian version of the above quote has a
subtle implication that a family that has only daughters is in a certain
amount of danger that a family that has at least one son is not in.

     Whether this is true depends on the family and the society one
is talking about.  I merely reported the Adorian words as they came to me.
I have even thought about changing them for I new it would cause trouble
among the Mark Hayes types (not necessarily among women though) and I even
DID change the words to 'and your children will be pilots too' implying
both sons and daughters.  But I decided against changing the words
of Adore as they are sacred to me, especially changing them just
because of some present day trouble makers who possibly would prefer
to have a family where they the male were owned and operated by the
female.  You know the kind.  When the draft board comes a knocking
on their family door, they say 'take my wife, I have to take care of
the baby.'

>Also note the classic maneuver of reducing womens' demands for political
>equality with misanthropy; women who aren't content to be "co-pilots"
>must be man-hating lesbian bitches who wish "men did not exist at all".

     Women who are discontent with being co pilots certainly have no
business being pilots.  One HAS to go through all stages of training
to get to the top (God hood, not manhood).   Any Space Cadet who insisted
upon becoming a pilot without first going through the co pilot stage
would be laughed out of the academy.

     Since spirits go through all stages of God, Man, Woman and Child,
they have ample opprotunity to experience and master all stages.

     As for political equality, for every Right there is a Duty, and
for every Duty there is a Right.  If women want equal Rights, then they
must have Equal Duties which includes absolutely getting drafted
in equal numbers and assigned equal war tasks to men.  As long as men
are registered or drafted and women are exempt then we truely live
in a sexist society and women do not deserve the time of day let alone

>I would add that Homer's closing remarks about women in "3rd place"
>speak for themselves, except that it is far from clear just what
>they are supposed to mean.

     I guess they speak for themselves to everyone but you.

     This is also classic Mark Hayes.  Putting down other peoples
ideas and THEN asking what they mean.

>Anyway, ARE there any women out there?  What say you, good people?

     I would say that Mark is trying to get laid.  And the only way
he knows how is to brown nose bitches with rights they don't deserve and
attainments they have only just begun on.

     The GOOD women on this list recognize the Immortality of their souls,
and that life is a very long ladder of attainments and that one does not
become a master with out becoming an apprehentice.

     Further women who desire to marry men who will stay home with the
babay while the woman goes out and has a career are as crazy as they
come and this is probably worse for the baby than cocaine addiction during
pregnancy.  If you want to be a man, take over a man's body in your next
life.  Men have a responsibility, they wont allow women out beyond
the frontier where they bodies are a disadvantage, expecially their
pregnant bodies.  Really this does not need to be said, how stupid
can you be to not see this.

     Men treat women the way women treat their children.

     If women want better treatment AS WOMEN then they might
consider treating their children better too.  What goes around
comes around and it was never more true than here.

     Just as a woman would not allow her untrained and UNABLE child
out into the wild frontier, a man would not allow his woman out
alone into the wild frontier either especially while pregnant,
as the woman's body IN GENERAL, IN HUMANS, is not
up to surviving the frontier alone.  In any case most women would
prefer a man at their side to help secure their survival when things
got rough. (Spelled got REAL...)

     It would be extreme careless negligence
or cowardice for a man to allow his woman out where men barely dare to tread,
and such a man does not deserve a good woman as
he is obvious unable to look after her well being.

     If you do not WANT a man to look after your well being, don't get
pregnant or get a man's body.  It is available for you to do this.

     Dykes who want to get pregnant and do so (by a man) but then
chose to live with a woman are as sick as it comes.
THIS is using MEN a THINGS.  It is fine if you want to be a lesbie homo,
but don't bring men and children into the matter.

     If you do not WANT a woman to look after you as a child, don't
take over a body at all.  It is also available for you to do this.

     If you become a child, then you must be taken care of by a woman,
and if you become a woman then you must be taken care of by a man.  And
if you become a man you must be taken care of by a God.  Its as simple
as that and if you don't like it, get off the wheel of life.

     It is available for you to do that.

     We have been through this a million times on ADORE-L, and Mark
should go wandering through the logs if he really wants to find
some stuff to attack me on.  At least he would know what I was saying
and would be able to attack it AFTER knowing what I meant rather than

     Of course from the Mortal view point all this stuff about
God Man Woman and Child does not make a lot of sense, as the
AVAILABLILITY of all roles is not there for the spirit.  This leads
to bitterness with ones assigned role and an incorrect effort to
break free of it ahead of schedule to become what you arn't.

     If men are so undesirable how come everyone wants to be one?

 Homer               Adore-l list         9/24/89*Quotes from Adore.