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Date:         Sun, 24 Sep 89 01:16:43 EDT
From:         Homer 
To:           adore-l@ualtavm

     My statement that I hold the words of Adore to be sacred does
not mean that they are right.  It means that I would try very hard
not to change them.  I would instead write an addendum to them
stating that I found them to be full of baloney.

     I have at times changed words or rewritten things in Adore and
have just ended up in a quagmire of confusion that lost not only
all of the poetry but any chance of being the original as I tried
to remember it.  They may have ended up more 'right' but the purpose
of Adore AS STATED IN ADORE is not to be right but to write the words
that were written.  There is nothing in Adore however that forbids
me from writing my own words or OTHER words that contradict the first

     ADORE does not purport to be CORRECT.  As it says, the TRUE-LIES
will free you.  This means that once you recognize the lies AS lies
you will no longer be under their thrall.  Thus the words
in Adore can be either the original lies or it can be the truth.
Its a game that each person has to play to determine FOR THEMSELVES
which is the lie and which is the truth.

 Homer               adore-l@ualtavm      9/24/89 No subject