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Date:         Sun, 24 Sep 89 07:23:30 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      dykes
To:           adore-l@ualtavm

     Why is it anytime someone says something bad about a dyke
it is always because they are totally terrified of the dyke, that
their masculinity is the thralls of despair etc etc.

      The truth is I have nothing to fear from Dykes.  It is they
who live their lives in fear.  They are absolutely no consequence
to my life, howver they consider straights to be of very great
consequence to them.

     I have found dykes to be absolutely disgusting individuals with more
loathing and hatred than anyone cares to mention and their outward
niceness comes from an inward fury that they rarely show.

     Is it a forgone conclusion that dykes are sane normal human beings
and that anyone who questions this must be from the dark ages?

     I have no intellectual gripe against dykes, I like females too,
I can understand their sexual attraction to females, but I have found
them to be utterly unaccepting of men of any kind, they wish men did
not exist and find no use for them what so ever in their lives.

     These are of course sweeping generalizations and apply strictly
to the few I have known and the one I used to go out with (for 2 years.)
God, was she a psychotic bitch who should be shot on sight.

     Your sexual preferences are your business.  But your childrearing
practices are everyone's business up to a point.

     If you don't want to be a 'breeder' as the fags call straights,
that is fine.  But then you don't get to have children.
There is a duty that goes with the right.  If you want to have
children, you should do it the old fashioned way.  To breed with someone
that you INTEND to not stay with marks not only you as strange but also
the man who would let you do it.

     Its like 'I want your child, you he man you, but don't you dare
try to help me raise it after it is born.'

     Yap all you want.

     I don't even mind if you are gay.  But I will take a second look
at letting gays adopt children who have no say in their future
parents.  It is bad enough as it is with the hets.

     They say that gays are more promiscuous than hets with sex
because you cant get pregnant.  Gay sex is sex without consequences.
It used to be that the consequence of having sex was creating life.
Now, with AIDS, the consequence of having sex is creating death.

     It is very possible that with AIDS homosexuality is evolutionarily
on the way out.  I for one will not miss it.

 Homer               adore-l@ualtavm      9/24/89 dykes