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Date:         Sun, 24 Sep 89 07:47:20 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      Re: Get on with it..
To:           Adore-l list 
In-Reply-To:  Message of Sun, 24 Sep 89 02:25:00 CDT from 

>>Unfortunately, I don't think anyone else much cares, considering
>>that you and I are the only ones posting, here.
>Please don't presume to know what others think.. Obviously you have not a

     The sad thing is that the time I spend with Mark takes me away
from the postings that you and others have made that are very VERY
intelligent and need serious thought.  They of course are all
in my reader waiting until I can say something that is meaningfull.

     Mark however manages to stir up subjects that need discussing,
if they haven't been already, my personal ADORE-L notebook is 32000 lines
long, and as long as I can answer them I continue to do so.  The HARD
stuff comes from intelligent people like the rest of you who ask
things I have not heard a million times before and who truely care
to hear what I have to say out of the off chance it might ring a Bell.

     No pun intended Bob.

     Mark's position is a very standard and well known one.  Surely he
has not said anything surprising and I spend a lot of time predicting
just what Mark will say next as it is almost sure to follow.

     He also tends to attribute to me considerations that are close to
what I have said but are actually perversions of the truth.  As such
they deserve his animosity.  For example I too am against sexism,
but I would not want a woman commander leading me in the field.

     Of course some women would make better commanders than some of
the men I have known, but that does not mean I would not seek out
and expect to find a better man to lead me and my life into battle.

     Mark also holds to the very standard viewpoint that women have
not contributed to society as much as men because men have not allowed
them to.

     If women are so able in the scheme of things how did they get to
be such underdogs?

     Mark says that I treat women like children.  Well in a sense this
is true.

     Women are 1/3 grown up.  They have attained MASTER of DEFENSE.
     Men are 2/3 grown up.  They have attained MASTER of OFFENSE.
     Gods are 3/3 grown up.  They have attained TOTAL RESPONSIBILITY.

     Gods have merged their woman and man aspects into one trans sex
being.  Both women and men are still perfecting their own half of the sex
but neither is capable of owning or operating a fully Immortal trans sex

     Adore does say that one should perfect the woman half before
one tries to perfect the man half.  It does imply that the spirit
who is in the man stage of their ascent through the grades has already
done well in the woman stage of that same grade during earlier lives.

     It also implies that by living with a man of the same grade a woman
gains experience that helps her become a man of that same grade when
she finally gets done being a woman.

      The problem with dykes, is they were fags last life time and wont
admit it.

     If the dyke wishes to admit that she were a man a few life times
ago, even a bisexual or heterosexual man, then I would have some respect
for her regardless of her sexual preferences.  I would even let her fuck
me so she could bear a kid.  But these dykes that I have known have been
rabidly anti Immortality and THAT is what disenamours me of their position
on just about any subject they hold, ESPECIALLY sexuality and child rearing.

     Most hetero women are trying to perfect both their female and
male halves.  I sense in the dykes I have known that their male half
was held in contempt and they were glad they were not a male, and NEVER

     Of course these jokers are lying to themselves full speed ahead and
should be treated with the respect that is due any liar of magnitude.

 Homer               Adore-l list         9/24/89*Get on with it..