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Date:         Mon, 25 Sep 89 10:07:03 EDT
From:         Homer 
To:           adore-l@ualtavm

     Yes, dear Mark, it is strange that human children grow up
to be woman and don't get to continue to on to be men.  Women
in fact (many of them) resent the hell out of this.

     It is also strange that male human bodies do not grow up
to the completed trans sex God stage.

     The human body is a trap, your involvement with it was DESIGNED
to destroy you by screwing around with the natural sexual nature of
free spiritual beings.  From a multiple lifetime point of view the
spirit CAN indulge in all levels of GMWC, but from the one life time
view they cant.  That is why the one life time view is so apathizing
to most people.  Those that want to be immortal that is.

     Another common misconception is that one has to come back as a man
to get out of this universe which is usually equated with attaining
God hood.  Entrance into or out of this universe has no relation to
any game you might play within the universe.  Godhood in the context
of GMWC is strictly a game accomplishment level (which in eariler
less decayed times included having a spiritual trans sex body) and has
nothing to do with attaining Freedom from this universe in one life.

     This is open to all who use their minds more than their mouths.

     Thus women do not have to come back as a man to pass through to
Godhood to escape this universe.  Progress UP the ladder of accomplishment
is at right angles to progress OUT of this universe to total freedom

     That is probably somewhat contradictory to what I have said in
the past, but hell, I aint perfect, and the present statement of it
should be considered present ADORE doctrine.

     By the way, Mark, we have been through all this a million times
during the early phase of ADORE-L.  Please stop treating the memboers
of this list as if you are the only one who as ever asked an intelligent
question.  Sheesh from the sounds of your posting you would think that
you are the only one here who sees how wrong ADORE is.

     This must be a list of some very very stupid people if you are the
only bright one on it, no?

 Homer               adore-l@ualtavm      9/25/89 No subject