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Date:         Mon, 25 Sep 89 14:23:17 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      Re: Quotes from ADORE
To:           Adore-l list 
In-Reply-To:  Message of Mon, 25 Sep 89 11:26:00 CDT from 

>>      If men are so undesirable how come everyone wants to be one?
>   One observation:  Why is it that most of the transsexuals I
>read about are women trapped in men's bodies, and not vice versa?
>I really don't think everyone wants to be a man, Homer.
>Sylvia Gorman

     I was being facetious.  However I do know many many women
who curse the day they were born female.  I also know I myself
have wished I was a woman many times.

     Perhaps it is easier to surgically change a man to a woman,
rather than visa versa so maybe more actual operations go that way.
Bascially I would say the disatisfaction with ones sex is probably equal
among men and women.

     Men might see the desire on the part of a man to be a woman as
a cop out from the perceived higher responsibility that a man has,
and the higher demands placed on him especially with enforced
military service and all.

     I know most women think that it is just as hard being a woman as
a man, but many men think it is harder being a man.  Of course women have
to put up with more crap, but men are assigned higher responsibility levels.
Women are perceived as having to find a good man, and men are perceived
as having to find a good job.  Men think the latter is harder.

     Of course all these are sweeping generalizations and have
their exceptions.

     I personally have little sympathy for how hard it is to be a woman.
They have to suffer supression that men do not have to suffer, but men
are forced to take care of the rest of the world, where woman get to
take it easy.  Vietnam convinced me of this.

     As an Electrical Engineer class of '73 at Cornell, there were many
women in my classes.  Considering that my grade point average Junior year
was a 1.0 it was very likely that every one of those women were doing better
in my classes than I was.

      Of course I had better things to think about than homework and
Engineering classes, namely a Draft Number of 8.

      I spent most of my time thinking about America and the crazies
that were at the helm and how I was about to get washed away in their
desire to see blood flowing.

      I doubt women ever gave their Draft number a second thought as
they did not have one, and did not have to deal with dying the day
they graduated.

     I have never found any women who could relate to this problem and
most of them seem to think I overrate its significance.

     They can go fuck themselves.  And as long as men get drafted
and women don't, I am all for keeping women in cages with a collar
and a leash.

     And I certainly would take away their right to vote.  They only
vote for people who decide to draft men and not women anyhow.

     If you don't have the Duty to Die for your Country then you
certainly don't have the Right to Vote.

     I always marvel at how they founght so hard for their right to vote,
but stopped short of fighting for their right to get drafted.

     There are higher monuments to hypocrisy.

 Homer               Adore-l list         9/25/89*Quotes from ADORE