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Date:         Mon, 25 Sep 89 17:39:14 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      sexism  part 2.
To:           adore-l@ualtavm

So where is part 1?

     One of the more basic of Adorian Principles is that Duties and
Rights must balance.  If they don't unhappiness results.

     For example if your parents insist that you have the Duty to go
to school and force you to do so, what Rights do you have in return
that are of COMPARABLE MAGNITUDE to the Duty your parents are forcing
on you.  Since a Duty is being forced on you, you have the right to
force a Right out of your parents.  Its not necessarily something they
have to do for you, but it is something they have to let you do if you
decide it is the proper fair exchange.

     Most people are not even up to asking these questions of their
parents let alone striking a deal with them on the subject.

     Most people also detest one or both of their parents. The parent
they detest the most will be found to have violated these basic
Adorian principles of balance of Duties and Rights the most.

     America and her government also tends to be a little out of favor
with many people usually over just this proposition.  For example if
you are a male, what Rights in return would make up for the Duty to
die at the beck and call of your country in wars you did not chose to
fight in?  Can't think of any?  Ever find that strange?

     Do you get the feeling we are talking about a forbidden subject
here?  Well no wonder.  The basic premise of an SP (suppresive person)
society is that you have many Duties and no Rights.  If you complain
about your missing Rights, you are labled as unpatriotic and
ungrateful that you were assigned Duties.

     A true patriot of course never allows his government to go out
ethics on him like that.  A government that talks of Duties but never
of Rights is on its way out and that is as bad for the country as you
can get.  FOLLOWING such government is unpatriotic, although it will
do its best to make you think otherwise.

     Of course if you are half criminal yourself, or maybe a
government offical from three lifetimes back you might fall for it.

     Thus if you are really unhappy with your life, you should start
your house cleaning with a thorough analysis of your Duties and

     Duties can be self chosen, they should be but it don't always work
out that way.  Duties can be forced on you at the point of a gun.

     If you chose a Duty for yourself, (you have a RIGHT to do that) you
have the Duty to chose a counter balancing Right in return.  This is called
Fair Exchange.  Adore makes a big deal about Fair exchange.  It says
it is the foundation of life.  That is why you have a Duty to chose
the Right that comes back to you.  If you don't chose your Right in
return for the Duty you chose you will be creating a one way flow, an outflow,
with nothing to reimburse you for it.  This might seem noble, but Life
refuses one way flows that try to go on forever.  Therefore IN THE
NAME OF CARRYING OUT your Duty you MUST chose a Right in return.  If
you don't you are short changing your own Duty and it will only end you
up in shame.

     If a Duty is FORCED on you at the point of a gun say, then you
have a Duty to force a Right back from the other party.  If your
parents say you must go to school to help the family or even yourself,
then you have a right to something BIG in return, something of
comparable magnitude. If the government says you have the Duty pay 35
percent income tax, then you have a Right to something of comparable
magnitude in return, like a say in how it is spent, or on what
lackluster good for nothings it is squandered on.

     You see if there are enough poor people in the land, they can
have a majority vote and although they may be too poor to eat, they
are not too poor to vote.  So if the non producers out number the
producers, the politicians can only get into power by doing what the
non producers want which is to tax the producers and squander it on
the good for nothings. The politicians don't give a damn about helping
people.  They care about the salary they will get and the power rush
they will weild.  Thus they will do anything the poverty junkies
demand even at the expense of ruining the production of the
producers because the producers cant vote them out of office, but the
non producers can.  When there are more producers in the land than
good for nothings, this situation can not occur.

     So getting back to Duties and Rights, if a Duty has been forced
on you, you have a duty to force a Right back.  If the other party
refuses to give you that Right at the point of the same gun they are
forcing the Duty on you with, you would do better to resist and
perhaps get shot than to give in, do your Duty, get no Right in return
and live to suffer yet another day in indignity.

     Mortals are good at this.  They are so afraid to die they will
tolerate anything as long as the powers that be will just let them

     Immortals scare the hell out of politicians.  Politicians know
that Immortals tend to laugh at body death and tend to be well
practiced in the art of Kamikazee and more than willing to exercise
it. The Immortal will pretend to go along with the politician just
long enough so the politician thinks he has the Immortal under his
thumb and lets his guard down.  Then the Immortal will take out both
himself AND the politician.

     Being normal human beings there have probably been plenty of
times in our past when we properly should have Kamikazeed everyone in
sight.  We didn't and bought their routine of Duties without Rights
and then we wonder why we feel sick all day long.  It is possibly a
tad more complex than this, but just a tad, and in any case you aint
gonna get anywhere until you clean up this mess of Duties and Rights.

     So check out your Duties.  Make a list of them.  Mark them as
fair chosen or enforced.  Also mark Duties that you are NOT ALLOWED to
have, these you can mark as inhibited (either by you or another).
Women, were you NOT ALLOWED to go to Vietnam and get your tits
shot off?  Mark it down if you wanted to.  Some did.
Thennext to each one mark the Right you would want in return, and next to
that mark the Right you are actually getting in return. To be totally
honest you should also write down all the Rights that you are getting
which have no Duty at all that goes with them.  That's like being paid
to do no work at all.  You didn't ask for it you say. That's fine.
But you CAN CREATE A DUTY to make up for the Right. Its like if you
find checks in your mailbox from some unknown benefactor, money you
don't deserve, it acts like payment in your life for services
unrendered.  Just invent a service of equal worth and render it.  YOUR
life will be balanced, even though someone should probably go talk to
your benefactor.

     Once you have finished with your present Life's complete
inventory of Duties and Rights, you may be surprised at the vast
quantities of RED INK on the bottom line.  That means you are putting
out and not getting back.  You are being used, abused and thrown away.
As a child it may be by your parents, or your school or your
classmates or your government.  As a woman it may be by men or even
your children, or society at large.  Women, being the underdogs that
they are, tend to have a lot of red ink in their lives.  It makes them
bitter and bitchy and generally unworthy to be around.  If you want to
feel good about yourself and your surrounding universe, get your act
together and demand payment where payment is due, reject payment that
is not earned and take classes in classical Kamikazee.  You are
Immortal and you have nothing to fear that is permanent except maybe
your own cowardice and compromise with Duties and Rights.

     Women, cleaning up your Duties and Rights will go a long way
towards alleviating your chances of getting breast cancer.  The
bitterness you hold to your hearts that seems unresolvable doesn't
do your tits any good.

     Men take a good strong look at your government.  Do you not love
your country as well as you might?  Do you love your country but
detest its leaders all the way around.  Check out the lies that it is
handing you.  The first big one is that the State gives you all these
great services, therefore you owe the State your life.  I assure you
that the State never has and never will give you anything of
comparable magnitude to your life and you owe your life to no one
except maybe those that saved your life or those
that died for you.  They did it out of their free
will, and they probably did not expect to get paid by YOU but were in
fact merely defending their own liberty and the liberty of those they
loved.  Thus you do not even owe them your life unless of course you
consider you do.  However they are dead so you cant pay them back, so
don't be so quick to cancel your life for them.  However they are
Immortal and alive and well in todays society in other bodies, so
maybe you might owe one or two of them.  In any case it is YOUR
decision, not the States.  Get it?

     The State in fact has taken much from you and given a hefty chunk
of it to itself as payroll for politicians.  So actually it is the
politicians who owe us something.  Perhaps we should send them to war.
If you have been on welfare or some other taxpayer supported project,
then you owe the producing taxpayers something, (not your life!), and
in fact you have a Duty to pay it back to the taxpayers who supported
you and NOT to the STATE.

     If you ARE one of the producing taxpayers, then although you may
owe some of the other tax payers
something for the taxes THEY paid, they owe YOU for
the taxes YOU paid, and it pretty much cancels out.  So in fact
taxpaying producers owe very little to anyone.  It is the politicians
and the good for nothings that owe us the most and if you are going to
draft people to send to war I would start with the politicians.  Not
even the poor owe you their lives.  They would still be alive without
your taxes.  Most of them in any case.  Possibly even doing better
than they are with the motivation they would have had of not having
tax dollars to feed their crack habits.

     Men should further look into the burdens of supporting a woman
and children, and women should look into the burdens of caring for a
child.  Once you have a child you are stuck with it.  You cant take it
out back and retro fit it with an abortion.  Thus the child must be
made to understand with clarity that what it does can ruin the entire
family.  The parents have a Duty to support the child and therefore
the parenmts have certain Rights in return namely to expect highly
responsible behavior on the part of the child at all times.

     Responsible behavior however does not mean absolute obedience
to all authority or even your parents.  Except of course if your
parents pull full pilot status on you.  Then you have to obey or risk
getting kicked out of the airplane.  You can always take it up
with them afterwards though, and they have a Duty to clear up the
matter with you to YOUR satisfaction.  Remind them that when they
get old they can always get kicked out of YOUR airplane.

     Parents who use and abuse this Duties and Rights thing though
inevitably end up with children on the war path, spoiled brats,
delinquents, total drugs addicts.  The answer of course is always to
look into the petty dictatorship the parents have been running, and
the petty dictatorship THEIR parents ran on THEM.

     Children in general are more than happy to give fair exchange
back to the parents for the amazing amount of trial, tribulation, work
and worry that the parent has to go through for the child.  The child
is actually endlessly grateful to his parents and wants more than
anything to put in fair exchange in return.

     The parents screw up the most by:

     1.)  Not letting the child give in return, denying all
contributions of the child as worthless and not good enough, not
allowing the child to grow up and exercise his/her abilites to create
in return and beyond.   This comes under refusing your Rights that
you are justly owed by the child.

     2.)  Demanding things in return from the child that are more than
are what are deserved or things that counter act the good things the
parent is doing so much as to make the good things worthless.  The
child will become a little murderer in his mind when this starts to
happen.  You know I am right.  This comes under enforcing your rights
that you are NOT justly owed by the child.

     3.)  Being negligent of your Duties as a parent to the child and
not carrying out your Duties.  Children NEED certain things from you,
and even if you don't demand any payment in return for your NON WORK,
the child will fold up and die if you don't carry out your Duties as a
parent faithfully.  Duties include asking and answering questions,
providing a safe environment, being intelligent, being alive.  You
know simple things.  Talking about sex until you are all blue in the
face from it.  Failure to do this comes under refusing your Duties
justly needed by the child.

     4.)   Carrying out a Duty towards the child that he does not want
and does not need.  This is bad news even if you don't demand payment
in return.  It is worse if you do.  Its like people stopping at your
door leaving things you don't want.  Its worse if they send you a
bill.  This comes under enforcing your Duties not justly needed by
the child.

     So these four categories can be classified according to the four
terms of Duties, Rights, Enforce and Inhibit.

     1.)  Inhibiting your just Rights.  The child NEEDS to return your
good favor.  It is DUE to you.  If you forbid this the child will die.

     2.)  Enforcing Rights you do not deserve.  The child knows a
thief and a rip off artist when he sees one.  Usual result is child
becomes a murderer in his mind and later in real life.  Further he
become a theif and a user himself and do unto others what was done
unto him.

     3.)  Inhibiting your just Duties.  If you SHOULD do it for the
child you had better do it.  Even if you don't charge for it, if you
don't do it, the child will die of malnutrition and I don't mean food.
Of course if you DO it, you should charge for it as the child will look
with suspicion upon any free ride.  It is satisfactory if you just let
the child repay you as he sees fit and naturally decides to do so.  It's
a little tacky to hand him a bill.  However for some things you
might want to sit down with the child and negotiate a deal before
you both go into action.

     4.)  Enforcing Duties you do not have and the child does not need.
Again the child will take to killing you off to get rid of you.
The child does not want things done for him that he can do himself, or
does not need.  Its a waste of time and valuable life energy.
The child will wonder where you are coming from, and lose respect
for you.

     Of course each of these can be applied to the child too.

     5.)  Inhibiting the just rights of the Child.  If the child has
done his Duties well, come pay day he will want to be paid.  If you don't
offer up he will take to stealing form you and I don't mean money.

     6.)  Enforcing Rights on the child that the child does not
deserve.  This might seem strange, but children have a sense of guilt
and dignity.  They feel endangered if too much is given to them when
they have not earned it and can see no way to earn it.  It scares the
hell out of them all the while making them feel slightly more secure
because they are apprently doing so well.  The fact is though that
once you are dead and gone, the good times will end because the child
has not figured out how to earn it himself.  Thus over giving can
drive a child a tree and make them resent you, but appear grateful on
the outside lest they offend you and you withdraw too much the other

     7.)  Inhibiting the just Duties of a Child.  Each child needs to
be free to exercise his Right and Abilities to create, invent,
discover and deal with Duties of his own chosing.  If you prevent him
from making these choices he will nuke you forever more.  There is
almost nothing on Earth more dangerous than to step in the way of a
fair chosen Duty line.  Since the paths of lovers cross in the line of
duty, you are also stepping in the way of more than you know.  What will
happen is the child will chose as his highest duty getting rid of you.
You would richly deserve it, and I would wish the child well.

     8.)  Enforcing Duties on the Child that the child does not chose
for himself that are also no good for the child.  This too is a very
deadly form of child molestation and children will go at great lengths
to kill or maim anything that tries to do this to them.  Time they
spend on Duties that they have not chosen and do them no apprent good
is time they clearly see is not being spent on Duty lines they HAVE
chosen.  Again you are getting in the way of their future friendships,
and importances. Dont, or your death may be slow and painful.

     As a parent you should never assume that the child is YOURS.  Once
you give the body to the incoming spirit it is HIS.  There may be
a contract that goes with it though.  The incoming spirit wants that
body and needs your help growing it up.  You have rights in return
as a parent.

    However these rights do not in anyway involve or excuse stepping
on the innate self determinism of the child.

     Children are basically good as are all people.  Even evil assholes
that say people are basically bad.  In an apparently evil world people
stoop to evil to survive inspite of evil.  They can be helped to
avoid this error.

The child will pick
its own goals by the age of two.  It may not go about them very
brightly but part of the contract that IT has with YOU is that you
will hlep him attain those goals and not invalidate them, make them
wrong, make the child to do something else, or otherwise derail
the life's direction of the child.

     Children know what they want to be, do and have BEFORE they take
over the body.  For you to fuck it up with your own personal arrogance,
vanity and conceit is inexcusable.

     Never ask a child what he wants to BE.  Ask him what he wants
to HAVE.  Havingness is defined as an obtained state of the universe
and its scope, span depth and field encompass the entire span of human
endeavor and the universe at large.

     Ask the child what he wants to HAVE.  Get him to figure out
what he needs to DO to attain that state of the universe.  Help
him determine what he needs to BE in order to DO what he needs to
do to bring about what he wants to HAVE.

     BE  DO  HAVE.  See?  It starts with HAVE.  With GOALS.
If you hear a child talking about how his GOAL is to BE a something,
you know that child is already derailed from life.

     The role of the parent is pretty much what the child wants it
to be.  ASK the child what he wants it to be.  You may be surprised.
Get the child to think it out.  Once the child sees what you are good
for IN HIS OWN EYES, he will treat you with some mighty respect.

     Of course the child will fit some role in your life too.  Like
provide future bodies up the time track for you to come back to.
(Yeah, Yeah I know, you don't DO that sort of thing.  Right.)

     But if you are having a child because the child fits only
some goal of YOURS, and if you consider that the child's goals are
only of secondary importance then you have fucked up the child
from the word go.

     YOUR goal in having a child is to help another being attain HIS
goals.  That's it.

     It may be your intelligence added into the pie, but it is HIS
GOALS.  Don't ever ever forget that.

     You might even get some love.

 Homer               adore-l@ualtavm      9/25/89 sexism