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Date:         Tue, 26 Sep 89 01:34:06 EDT
From:         Homer 
To:           adore-l@ualtavm

     In the following posting the term 'ABLILITY' refers to SPIRITUAL,

     So Mark, let me ask you a question.

     Let's pretend for the moment that it WERE true that
Males were brighter and more able than Females, that Whites in general
were brighter and more able than Blacks and that homosexuality was
the result of emotional traumatization during the early years.

     Let's say you happened to know this for an absolute fact.

     Would you have the courage to come out and say it in today's
environment?  Would anyone?  If not, then what chance would truth
have to survive?

     If these things arn't true then it should be no big deal
discussing them as presumeably they could be disproven easily
as can most true things.   As it is, any implied hint of superiority of
one person or group over another is met with challenges that
essentially say it is illegal to think such things, how dare you.

     Thus the State comes to determine what it is socially acceptable
to think.

     Just as non producers vote into office people who will rip of the
producers and squander it on the nonproducers, so will women vote into office
people who say that men and women are equal.  It might be true,
it might not.  If it's not true then its a rip off.

     IF IT WERE NOT TRUE, however women would be the last ones
to have the courage to admit it.

     In the animal kingdom, especially the cats, when the female gets
pregnant she immediately kicks the male out.  She defends for herself
utterly, does all of her own hunting while fully pregnant and loaded
with possibly 4 to 8 kittens, and continues to hunt for them and take
care of them after they are born all by her little own lonesome.

     In fact if a male even attempts to try and butt in, he is in
for a real rough time from the female.  There of course is no
chance the female could be FORCED to accept the male's presence
by the male or be subjugated by him even if he should try.
A fight to the death would ensue.

     Perhaps it used to be this way with human females but over the
past 10,000 years of ice ages the human female seems to have decayed
down into being a model prisoner.  By her own description of it.

     Why is this?

     I expect an answer.

     You know I have no vested interest in the idea that men are more
able than women.  I would that it were not true.  Let woman defend
her own tits in war, why should I have to do it?  Let woman defend HERSELF
against the hoardes of marauding MEN coming in over the borders who would
steal her children, her virginty and her sovereignty.

     I await any reasoned answer anyone dares to give.

 Homer               adore-l@ualtavm      9/26/89 No subject