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Date:         Tue, 26 Sep 89 01:58:13 EDT
From:         Homer 
To:           adore-l@ualtavm

     You know I don't have anything against HOMO sexuality.  If you
like fucking butts rather than pussies that is fine.  Fucking butts is
a valid heterosexual activity too.   There is also a lot more to Gays
than sex just as there is a lot more to Hets than sex.  (No there isn't!)

     I have nothing against men wanting to do it with men, or women
wanting to do it with women.  Its when men DONT WANT to do it with
women or women DONT WANT to do it with men that it irks me.  I just
cant fathom it, being the ignornant bigot that I am.

     Its the MONO in the HOMO that begins to bother me.

     Especially when people decide to settle down for life with mates
of the same sex.  I just cant understand people who feel that they do not
need deep representation of their other sexual half in their lives.  Its
like they are denying that they themsevles have that other sexual half,
and don't want anything to do with it.

     As for homosexuality being an aberration, if a scientist were to
observe animals in the animal kingdom not only successfully fucking
each others assholes BUT ALSO settling down as mates perhaps stealing
other animals childrens or not having any at all you can be sure
there would be an enormous amount of study of this behavior to find
out why it was taking place.

     This kind of homosexual behavior is APPARENTLY so against the grain of
present evolutionary thought that
unless scientists were able to adequately explain it it would throw
a serious monkey wrench in the whole concept of evolution
and survival of the species.  If they could determine how homosexuality
in animals DID help the species survive, either by removing from the
'breeders' people who shouldn't breed, or by non breeders HELPING the
breeders do better, then they could rest assured that homosexuality was
a natural process in the course of evolution and should not be tinkered
with.  In fact it should be helped and nurtured rather than stomped out.

     On the other hand if they found that indeed homosexuality was
a failure of animals to breed who should otherwise be breeding then
they would probably take to a great concern over why such an aberration
was taking place and what caused it and how to fix it or avoid it.

     One of the really sick attitudes I have found in homosexuals is
a rabid fear of anyone understanding exactly why they are homosexual.
I mean we are talking about serious scientific suppression here, real
Dark Ages material.

     Hets have no fear of others knowing why they are Het.
     Hets have no fear of others knowing why others are Gay.
     Gays have no fear of others knowing why others are Het.
     Why should Gays have a fear of others knowing why they are Gay?

     Because they fear that if people understand homosexuality and its
true causes they will try to do something about it.
Even if it is a biologically NORMAL AND NECESSARY process of evolution,
Gays fear that ignorance and bigotry would win out against the truths
of nature.

     They also might find out that distaste for homosexuality is NOT
born of ignorance or bigotry but is a natural repugnance towards
biology gone mad.  Now THAT would be something to fear.

     My point of view is that as long as no one understands homosexuality,
its causes and origins, then people will always assume the worst, usually
incorrectly, and this will result in endless turmoil for the Gays.

     My point of view is that the only hope the Gays have of being accepted
in an enligtened society is for people to come to a thorough biological
and psychological understanding of their homosexuality.  Then if it IS
found to a natural thing and not an abberation people could be educated
to see how it benefits them.

     Evolution and life has to do with BREEDING.  A world full of non
breeders would soon be empty.  Anything that hurt the breeders would
also have negative impact on future survival unless it weeded out
people who should not breed.  Anything though that HELPED the breeders
would be a boon to evolution.  If the non breeders help the breeders then
the world should be educated of this fact as soon as possible.

     Since breeders breed non breeders (obviously), by helping the breeders
do better, the non breeders help themselves do better.

     Of course the danger is that if homsexuality turns out to be a
genetic or psychological aberation then people will take great measures
to stomp it out and will have the knowledge and the tools to do so.
If it is a gene, you can be sure there will be fetus gene testing
especially if parents don't want homosexual children.  They would have
this right, no?  It would get hairy though if the STATE forced a couple
to have gene testing because the STATE did not want homosexuals and
forced the couple to abort it.

     In the near future there will no secrets from the prying eyes of
technology.  The color of your every hair will be known before you are
born.  Homosexuality is going to go through some enormous changes when
this technology comes to a forefront and the ethical questions
involved will break some people's brains.

     One thing I can say for sure though is that to fear people understanding
something lest they take action against you, is a sure route towards
dishonesty deceit and lies.  It is a Dark Ages attitude that there are
some things that should not be understood lest you get in trouble for it.
This might forstall the evitable for a while, but if Hets ever for a moment
thought that Gays were stopping the progress of science and understanding
on all fronts of all phenomenon of nature just because they were afraid
such understanding would lead to their own demise, you can be sure the
Hets would turn against the Gays for ever more, hang them up from trees and
set them to fire.

     Thus the Gays have a dangerous path to walk.  If they walk it in
cloaked secrecy they are sure to lose in the end when the secret is out.
We WILL find out why people are Homosexual.  The government is already
working on it but it don't publicize the matter you know what I mean?

     I would say that the only hope the homosexuals have of total social
acceptance at least at the legal level is to FIND OUT the truth about
homosexuality.  If it turns out that it is a biologically sound
and perhaps NECESSARY mechanism
in the studied opinion of the people who are experts in this field, many
of whom are homosexual, then you will have a very strong SCIENTIFIC basis
for social acceptance and NEED.  Nothing like NEED to get people to treat
you right.

    On the other hand if homosexuality turns out to be genetic effect, and
if it gets deemed a DISORDER it will soon be on its way out along with
all of the other genetic defects that plague us.

     If it turns out to be a psychological disorder like drug addiction,
or mental dysfucntion, then it will take a little longer, as human kind
likes being insane and refuses to develop a workable psychotherapy.

     My opinion is that IF homosexuality IS a psychological
disorder born of early traumatization and denial of need, then you can
be sure that many homosexuals will do everything ppossible to
discredit and forstall any workable psychotherapy or child prevention
therapy.  Homosexuality would be solved in this case when we got around
to solving criminality and other human mental disorders, something that
is still a bit aways yet.

     If on the other hand homosexuality is a natural and NECESSARY biological
process, it should be protected and nurtured for all our sakes.

     However if the breeders finally admit that their own survival is
enhanced by the operational health of the homosexuals it would be nice
if the GOD DAMN FAGS admitted that there was a place in nature for the
breeders too!   Something I have yet to see in great abundance and
have NEVER seen in a Dyke.

     Just joking.

 Homer               adore-l@ualtavm      9/26/89 No subject