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Date:         Tue, 26 Sep 89 12:07:08 EDT
From:         Homer 
To:           Adore-l list 
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>A few more clarifications.  I will likely regret asking this, Homer, but is
>there a significance to your spelling the word "apprentice" as "apprehentice"?
>What about "CHOOSE" as "CHOSE"?  I couldn't seem to come up with rational
>reasons, but that doesn't generally mean much on this list.
>Oh, and one other thing.  I happened to watch most of your last set of postings
>come in, being undergoing a short bit of insomnia myself, and got to wondering:
>Do you ever sleep, Homer?
>                                                        String

    Being a business type person I keep my own hours.  I have
a 25 hour cycle.

    The word apprentice COMES FROM the word APPREHEND, or so it
says in my dictionary.

    Adore makes a big deal about word spellings.  For example the
words SOURCER or SOURCERER  and SOURCERY are very much
brought to the forefront.

     The play on the word Apprehentice is,

     You are a Sourcer.

     Sourcers like to Source Sourcery.

     Usually on Apprehentices.

     Apprehentices are Apprehensive about Apprehending Sourcery.

     Sourcers cast Sourcery from Source by casting Pride before Magnificence.

     Since SOURCE is an anagram to Adore, it also makes a VERY
big deal about not spelling the words Sourcery, and Sourcerer
without the U.  It is almost a holy thing to not do it.  The
corresponding words without the U are held in wide disrepute
as some sort of black magic.  Since Adore is white magic at
its best, I tend to follow its admonisions.

     Adore also looks unkindly on the word Magic.  In its own words,

     Mastering Source is not to be confused with Magic.


     Magic is for assholes.

     Sourcery is for Royalty only.

     Royalty means owner of Omni Dignity.

     Dignity means being the Sole Operator of Yourself.

     Source can cast Magic Assholes For Ever, for Free.

     So if that means anything to you...

     CHOOSE and CHOSE always confuse the hell out of me.

     CHOSE rhymes with POSE and is the past tense of TO CHOOSE.

 Homer               Adore-l list         9/26/89 No subject