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Date:         Wed, 27 Sep 89 18:15:15 EDT
From:         Homer 
To:           adore-l@ualtavm

     Another obvious sore point about Adore is that it tends to be a
trife old fashioned.  It is kind of family oriented.

     It sort of assumes that you are going to HAVE children, not buy
them, or hijack them, or DEPEND on the failure of another potential
family by waiting around to adopt them.  It also assumes that the
person you are going to create this new born life with is the person
that you are most interested in spending your time with.  Thus if
mama gets pregnant with no intention of staying with papa, the child
will always wonder why it didn't get to go with papa instead.

     Of course mama will never admit the child has such thoughts.

     The child will also wonder why papa who cared enough to CREATE
it, did not care enough to devote himself to its well being.
Children like the idea that the two beings who created it are
devoting their time to see that it makes it through to adulthood with
maximum opportunity.  That one or the other of its creators should
just up and walk away leaving its Fate to the Winds makes the child
think long and hard if it would ever do such a thing to its own
children.  Undoubtedly the answer is no, which makes the child look upon
the absent biological parent as a bit odd.  And the child gets to
wondering what it is doing in this gallery.

     From another context Adore says that absent mother is the most
criminal mother there is.  One might presume to extrapolate that to
say absent father is the most criminal father there is.

     Of course that is stretching it a bit.  People do get killed and
such through 'no fault of their own'.  But Adore is pretty adamant
about total responsibility.  It says essentially that if you are
going to have a child you should consider remaining alive until the
child is at least 18.

     There are a lot of woman who consider that a child does not need
the presence of a father when they grow up.  This is indicative of
the quality of their own fathers when THEY grew up and is also
indicative of the kinds of fatbers THEY made when they were men in
past lives.  The Hypocrisy Whirlpool is alive and well on planet Earth.

 Homer               adore-l@ualtavm      9/27/89 No subject